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My First Kiss 2.

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Pebrero 4, 2007

(Last of Two Parts)

He abruptly asked me to go with him to the coast. He ran so quickly that I had to hold on tightly on his hands. Because of his promptness, I wasn’t able to notice that my tsinelas went off my feet. It was then dazzling to feel the warmth of his hand blended with the chilly air that rushed toward us.

The two of us walked along the coast. Without flip-flops, we strolled on the coldness of the sand and stopped once to pick up shells. We paid attention to the music-like humps of every wave in our feet and didn’t care about the people on the plain. I smiled yet he didn’t smile in return. What’s happening with him, I thought. My focus was on the sea once more. I looked at him again; he was still staring at me!

“Don’t melt me!” I cried. He just grinned at last and I noticed his dimple. “Tell me, do you really have a crush with that Mark, your classmate?” he asked me. “No, how dare you say such?” I answered. “Why, who do you like?” There was a great pause.

On the view, I fairly know that his answer will hurt me a lot. I stared at him stupidly and made a gesture of waiting for an answer.

“Only one person made my heart beat like this,” he supposed. “Save for—I am too shy when it comes to her family. You know, she’s kind. She’s beautiful and smart.” At the same time of being keyed up on knowing who’s the girl she was referring is the pain I cannot close my eyes to. “I really love this girl but I am pretty bashful on telling her what I really feel since I know it must not be.” “What—” “You. It’s you.” he whispered. “I love you, Jennifer. I really love you.”

Ten irritated lightning knocked me. I didn’t know what to say.. “I—I love you, too, Bryan…” I told the thing I least expect to voice out, I couldn’t believe it.

Questions roared one by one in my mind. How could a person like Bryan fall for a simple girl like me? How could he like me if I am very quiet? How could he love me if I look stupid on being timid? He loves me?

The next thing that happened was not conspicuous at once. He moved toward me and kissed me! The world had stopped before I realized that he was kissing me. His kiss was full of esteem even after he finished. I embraced him and the deepness of his care for me bounced. Yet I was back on my mind. I moved backward losing his arms around me.

“It ain’t right, Bryan…” He looked forward on hugging me again but I refused. I stood up. He catched me and held me in his arms. “Please stop, Bryan!” I shouted.

A thin silence bothered the two of us. I was stunned on the scene. The Bryan I have known to be steadfast and courageous was netted by tears which fell gradually on his cheeks and thoroughly descended on the sand.

“Please let me hug you… even for the last time.” He cuddled me while I was still stupefied by his words.

“What do you mean for the last time?” I posed.

He was crying behind the tightness of his cuddles. He brought to a halt his weeping for a while to speak. “I need to leave, Jen… my Dad is totally unwell on the States so I really need to go there. He needs me… I miss him… Although I don’t want to go, it’s badly needed. Even if I don’t want to leave you, I can’t do anything. I love you so much.”

“We’ll still see each other then, right? You’ll spend only a few days there then you’ll come back and—”

“Jen!” He interrupted; I stopped for a second or two.

“Jen… I am… I am going to continue my studies there… with my Mom… business, you know. I really do not want to go.”

I hugged him firmly. That time, I didn’t care if the twister of the notion of his departure carries us. I did not care about my surrounding.

“Remember this, Jen, I love you very much. Even if I’m gone, even if I’m no longer by your side, bear in mind that I am always there inside your heart. And eternally, I am not blaming life for meeting you… I will treasure the times we were together forever…”

I will never forget the Bryan I knew. He was my first dance: the person who never insulted me on having no guts in dancing. He was my first kiss: which feeling I bore was least unexplainable save for the fact that that was truly bunched with so much devotion.
He was my first dance on the first party I have attended. He was my first kiss. He was my first love. But he is my first cousin.

The End.

61 Tugon to “My First Kiss 2.”

  1. Rainne said

    what??? first cousin?? com’on…! nakakakilig naman.! maganda…! super ganda and kakilig..! pero sa huli…! mejo nagulat ako..! first cousin..? huhuhu..! nakakaiyak naman…! cousin…pala..!

  2. dianne said

    aw shit. as in shit talaga to the nth level.

    lam mu, secret lang to ah. as in super parang ganyan ung story namin ng cousin ko.

    he was my forst everything. hew was also my first kiss. first and last until now.

    aw shit. how could the past be this mean to me.

    how could your story be damn too nosebleeding and heartwrecking.

    now. im lost. im on my way to the past again. i haven’t moved on. and now, im stepping back again.

    wa. wa. wa. what has happened to me.?

    your damn too-good-to-be-true story knocked me off then poof. im here again. im back to the old me. emotional and nonsensical old me.

    **wui. sorry ah. napuno na ng emotional rants ko ung comment ko. pamatay kasi eh. super sapul..


    muli, salamat sa unti-unti mong pagpatay..

  3. dianne said

    ah damn. typo error sa 1ast post. it was supposed to be first.. not forst..

  4. RAINNE.
    ayan ha. inilagay ko na para mabasa na! thanks talaga!

  5. DIANNE.
    sabi ko nga baka may reason talaga. kaya nga kahit wala ka sa bahay dahil nandun siya e nabasa mo naman to. ponder.

  6. padresalvi said

    napakontrobersyal nitong kwento na ito.. promise! hehe..

  7. padresalvi said

    wordpress account ko yan

  8. CEEJAY.
    kontrobersyal na pala to.. hihihi.

  9. CEEJAY.
    wow naman may wordpress ka na!

  10. miselle said

    nakakaaliw ka talaga. 🙂

  11. ..&%#@..!!!

    ..kikiligin na sana ako ng tuluyan..

    ..tapos biglang ganun..??

    ..aus ka talaga..!!!


    ..ang ganda po..!!!


  12. TEA said

    My jaw dropped, Jonell! How dare you make my jaw drop?!

    Anyway, I’m feeling a bit of a mix-up: awe, hate (at least, for making the ending a bit off), disbelief!

    My God! I can’t believe a post affected me like this! Haha.

  13. MISELLE.
    sino yung grace? at sino ka? wala akong idea.

  14. SHELLA.
    hindi ko na tuloy alam kung nagandahan ka ba o nainis ka.

  15. TEA.
    i made your jaw drop again? for the nth time i suppose! haha!
    i can’t understand…

  16. joy said

    damn…. !!! hahaha… nakakaloka naman ito… pero grabe, ganto ang naisip ko nung nabasa ko yung last part.. “#$@%$” good job! 🙂

  17. joy said

    ililink na kita… 😀

  18. JOY.
    salamat salamat talaga!

  19. Ahw. Sad. First cousins. Tsk2. Nakakaiyak naman. Hihi. ^^.

  20. chino said

    oye!..hahahahahahahaha..kahit ako nun nainlab sa aking cousin!!..hahahaha.. pero so bata ko pa nun!!… wala pang maturity of any kind.. hehehe.. yak!

  21. gplay said

    It reminded me of stained glass. haha.

    People are fond of making love stories like these, huh? Is it because of the cold weather? haha.

  22. rhodora said

    Kaya pala, sabi ni Jenn.. “this ain’t right”…
    nagtaka ako – bakit “ain’t right” e they both
    love each other and they are young and unattached.
    First cousins! Now, that’s taboo. They can’t even
    get married – it’s against the law.

  23. ALYANNA.
    ui. naparito ka. natutuwa ako! nakakaiyak ba? natatawa nga ako eh! hahaha!

  24. CHINO.
    why is it that you’re always in love? haha.

  25. GERALD.
    malamig lang talaga. wala yung connection sa story. malamig lang talaga. paulit-ulit lang ako. paulit-ulit lang ako.

  26. RHODORA.
    thank God there’s someone who noticed that! and that’s you. buti naman meron. natutuwa na naman ako.

  27. joe said

    ahahaha. nagulat naman ako sa story na to. good job.

    quoting gerald, “bakit kaya ang daming gumagawa ng love stories ngayon?”

    hindi ako kasali dun.

  28. rv said


    i have wind burns which means it’s cold… i am in love… but i am not writing any love stories. hahaha.


  29. marj_sam said

    wahehe.. ito pla ung pnkalat mo sa rum ha…

  30. marj_sam said

    si jonell lging in love..hehe

  31. alyssa said

    wow! XD kakakilig!!! pero, sad naman first cousin nya. 😦

  32. joe said

    bakit JEN din?

  33. ..anoh ka po ba..
    ..ang ganda kaya..

    ..wag kang mag-alala kung mainis man ang mga readers mo.. only shows that they are or should i say., we are into your story..

    ..mas maganda nga un minsan kasi alam mong ung emotion sa story eh feel na feel ng mga readers mo..

    ..get it..get it..??


  34. matsocampo said

    shell-shocked ako…
    while i was readling the last part, about the “firsts” wow, I love the feeling of it…
    pero, ung sa dulo…
    i was shell-shocked!
    i didn’t expect that would come actually…

  35. Rainne said

    hehehe..! sarap basahin ng basahin..! nakakakilig talaga…!

  36. ..grabe bakit d ba tayo nagkakasabay mag-OL..

    ..d natuloy tayo makapagkwentuhan..


  37. Kathy said

    hwaw. un lang.

  38. pam said

    ay yayay. sayang. first cousins pa.

    ang galing mo magsulat. pedi ka na gumawa ng novel. 🙂

  39. cruise247 said

    sayang mag pinsan pala. pwede mo ito ipadala sa MMK.
    alam mo may kilala ako magpinsan di nagpapgil, ayun nagpakasal pa rin.

  40. sexy mom said

    oh dear, you’re first cousins! am speechless, i would not know how to advise my kids if they were in the same situation. but then there is the distance, for all you know, you will outgrow this feelings. you are young, enjoy the pleasures of youth, treasure the memories, enjoy new friends, and you will soon find yourself. in the end, follow your heart.

  41. billycoy said

    first cousins, bawal na pag-ibig pala talaga… but anyway, they are still young, at 14.

    ako nga 23 na wala pang first kiss.

    wala bang first… you know?

  42. JOE.
    i know you’re going to read this story. thanks! sadyang jen ang pangalan niya bago pa man kita nakilala.

  43. RAYMUND.
    mukhang maraming in love ha… hindi naman ako kabilang dun eh… hehehe.

    hindi nga sabi ako in love. wala akong lovelife, otei?
    saka hindi ko ito ipinakalat sa room. baka yung isa ang sinasabi mo. o baka naman yung mahaba. ewan ko sa’yo.
    magsama kayo ni apollo.

  45. ALYSSA.
    nakakakilig? salamat salamat sa pagbasa.

  46. SHELLA.
    buti naman nakuha mo ang emotion ng kuwento kong ito. salamat talaga.
    oo nga no.. hindi na tayo nagkakasabay mag-online. nakakainis nga e. sana magkasabay na tayo.
    basa basa ka lang dito ha!

  47. MATS.
    the firsts of jen are the most beautiful things that had happened in her life yet. many things to come soon. thanks for reading this story.

  48. RAINNE.
    binasa mo ulit? wow naman. nakakatouch.

  49. KATHY.
    oops. thanks for the visit!

  50. PAM.
    thanks! hayaan mo nangangarap naman ako na magsulat ng nobela e. sana.

  51. CRUISE.
    pang-mmk? hindi ito pwede dun! hehehe.

  52. SEXY MOM.
    i think you haven’t read the whole story. it is not me. it is jen.

    kahit kelan talaga ikaw! hay nako. malapit na yun.

  54. dave said

    ahahay!! may naalala tuloy akong isang true-to-life story… 14 din sila pero di naman nila alam na magpinsan pala sila.

  55. Laasya said

    Make a book!!! hehehe.
    Hey, be back you-ha! 😛

  56. deyja said

    Wow, na-surprise ako sa ending, kasi hindi ko talaga ineexpect. When I read the first paragraph I thought it was going to be like any other love story, but it’s not. It’s actually really well-written. I’ll stop here 🙂

  57. charlot said

    what??????/kakalungkot naman!!!! di b pwedeng i-continue yong pag-iibigan niyo…kong magkaganoon,,,hindi lang naman kayo e, marami, yong iba nga dyan,,,magkapatid talaga……touch tlaga ako,…kasi mostly ang mga crush ko….mga kadugo rin namin….pero malayo na naman yon e…di ba 1st cousin lang ang bawal and the rest pwede nah….am I right?

  58. paurong said

    grabe naman yun. 14 years old. bata pa.

  59. paurong said

    a book? that’s my dream.

  60. paurong said

    the ending is my best weapon with respect to my starting point. thanks for the time on reading!

  61. paurong said

    well, dahil nga sa fiction lang ito, marami talagang posibleng mangyari. salamat sa pagbasa! oo, pwede kung hindi 1st cousin! 😀

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