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Dahil hindi plantsado ang buhay ng tao.

Pro tempore torpidity.

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Pebrero 5, 2007

Since I have an awful lot of things to do for the next days, I am planning to temporarily leave the blogging world. I don’t know when will I be back but I assure you that I will return for I have no reason to leave my writing sanctuary. Moreover, I want to inform my dear friends and readers that I am already thinking about the publication of my next fiction. Thank you so much for your support. Please pray for me.

7 Tugon to “Pro tempore torpidity.”

  1. dianne said

    ui. balik ka kaagad ah. xur. id pray for you. :))

    take care. ^________^

  2. chino said

    may fate lead you to where you desrve to be.. kung san man yun..

  3. irish said

    bakit hindi mo parin tapos ung eco proj mo? hehehe

  4. mag ppray na ako agad..

    Notre Pere (Our Father)

    Notre Père, qui es aux cieux,
    (not per ki e so shu)
    Que ton nom soit sanctifié,
    (ke to nom swa sanktifi)
    Que Ton Règne vienne,
    (ke ton ren vien)
    Que Ta Volonté soit faîtes sur la terre comme au Ciel,
    (ke ta volonte swa fet, sur la ter kom o shel)
    Donne-nous aujourd’hui notre Pain de ce jour,
    (don nu ojurdwi, not pan de se szur)
    Pardonne-nous nos offenses comme nous pardonnons aussi à ceux qui nous ont offensés,
    (pardon nu nu sofons, kom nu pardonon sosi a su ki nu son tofense)
    Et ne nous soumets pas à la tentation,
    ( e ne nu sume pa a la tentasyon)
    Mais délivre-nous du Mal.
    (me deliv no du mal)
    Car c’est a toi qu’appartiennent
    (kar se a toi ku apartien)
    La regne, La puissance, et la gloire,
    (la ren, la pwasang, e la gwar)
    Pour les siecles des siecles, Amen.
    (pur le sek de sek, amon)

    salamat pala sa review.. naka 68/70 ako sa long test..
    (natalo ako. naperpek ni dianne eh – may leakage kasi.. hehe)
    inaasahan ko ang pagbabalik mo.

  5. joe said

    ako din magdadasal

    Pater Noster
    Qui es in caelis
    Santificetur nomen tuum
    Adveniat regnum tuum
    Fiat voluntas tua
    Sicut in caelo et in terra

    Panem nostrum
    Cotidianum da nobis hodie
    Et dimitte nobis debita nostra
    Sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris
    Et ne nos inducas in tentationem
    Sed libera nos a malo

    ingat lagi. balik ka agad.

  6. annamanila said

    A holiday from blogging! Alright, whatever it is that will take u away for a while .. good luck and/or have fun. You will publish a book? Wow! Galing naman. Try for the Palanca? Kaya!

  7. unnamed said

    ok lang yan mister gusot.

    next time dadalhan na kita ng plantsa. 😀

    and may you find some solace in your time of hibernation.

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