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Of choral, story and play.

Posted by Paurong sa Sabado, Pebrero 10, 2007

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– Some third year people (teachers and students) are asking me to help them on the improvement of their choral interpretation. The third year section 1 is the over-all winner of the Juniors. I don’t know what to do. I still have a lot of things to accomplish and I also have other plans in my life.

– Yesterday, many of my schoolmates (including classmates, former classmates, other Seniors and some Juniors, and even teachers) were able to read my short story Ang Diary ni Mariel. The feedbacks were awesome! They are coercing me to write more stories for them to read. I don’t know what to do.

– I am still undecided on whether or not I will watch the play The Importance of Being Earnest on the University of Asia and the Pacific this month. My English III teacher told me to read the story first before watching the play.

– Because of the demand on search engines, I am posting the lyrics of the soundtrack of Atlantika, Konte Varka.


Konte Varka

Asterise konte varka
Imle ante tronta makka
Sonte velte imlo remne
Asterige mirre konte

Rendo commez urg
Sendere vokko terres
Revvo shondere vokko torre
Imne neshende

10 Tugon to “Of choral, story and play.”

  1. chino said

    nung kami’y third year e natao namin ang 4th yr section 1..hahahahaha..

    oioi.. huddini ka a!!.. biglaang nagpoopoof!

  2. CHINO.
    ayaw bumukas ng ym ko e. biglang nawawala. tae talaga. matutulog na nga ako.

  3. nood ka nun! although di ko pa siya napapanood. pero ifineature iyon sa spiderman 2. hehe. kung sa amin ka rin naman mag-aaral. kukulitin ka rin ng mga tao. mangunguna na ako dun.

  4. CEEJAY.
    oo, panunoorin ko yan. hindi ko pa sure kung anong date ang pupuntahan ko. ay, parang ayoko. hindi. basta kapag nabasa ko, panunoorin ko, pero kapag hindi e di hindi. ewan.

  5. wee said

    kala ko ba hindi na 2loy yang wetting shed na yan?

  6. WEE.
    sino ka naman?

  7. TEA said

    1. Do what you have to do first and do one thing at a time.

    2. Write when you want to. It’s not your obligation to write whenever they want you to.

    3. Watch the play whether you read the book or not.

    Am out!

  8. TEA.
    lalala.. lalala.. lalala..

  9. emong said

    BUZZ ka din.

  10. emong said

    dots and dashes.. i dont understand the doc part.. wala namang code ung bago ung doc eh.. tae.. baka un pa un.. eh hindi ko naman madecode.

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