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I fell in love.

Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Pebrero 16, 2007

Staring at a long, narrow, quiet corridor with no company, just you.

It’s what I always thought about talking to the Almighty One. Since He is a spirit, I often mistook it to be conversing to the subtle wind alone. I thought it is a stupid thing to “pray” because you have to close your eyes not to sleep but to have a conversation with someone you can’t see, you can’t feel and you can’t hear.

But He Himself proved me wrong.

One afternoon, I cuddled my pillow and cried having a feeling that I am alone and nothing can make me happy. Swiftly, a friend of mine asked my help to solve a problem between him and his girlfriend. After a couple of day, despite of the grudges I was bearing, I patched their relationship up and everything was fine again. Two lonely hearts were mended; two lovely people turned out to be happy again. I was surprised to learn that they were glad to have me in their lives. It seemed to be the first time I heard such compliment that would surely turn my life in a 180-degree rotation.

I was so happy. Loneliness faded away. Being alone, I quieted myself. I then discovered myself sitting on a corner of my bed. I didn’t know how to begin. I wanted to thank God for sending down earthly angels to me in the person of my true friends. I was not then totally alone! I closed my eyes and was more jubilant than being so much deeply in love, though at that time I started to! I initiated on praying—I thanked Him not only for giving me the two aforementioned people but also for almost every little blessing I had received. It was a miracle for me to chat with Him as free and comfortable as with chatting with people.

Last time, I was afraid to sit with Him and have some coffee because I felt I would be rejected, I thought He would chide me because of my sins, not knowing that praying is essential in walking along my Christian faith. He stretched out His arms and lent out His hands for me to hold on. The sins I was afraid to own up to people, I confessed to Him. I thought He would get mad at me. But I was wrong. Since then, I make it a point to have a date with Him everyday especially before I go to sleep. I was so deeply in love…

Last time, I thought no one sees, no one feels, no one hears. No. He sees me in what I do and guides and teaches me how to be strong by giving me small doses of troubles and predicaments for me to be able to handle the big ones. I feel him—he moves in mysterious ways and acts in different people he uses as instruments. He hears—if no, then why am I to tell you all of these.

Later on, I realized that I was not the only one talking. I began to hear His Voice inside my heart. I thought it would be a tedious talk but then I was indeed in the wrong. Kidding aside, it was an extravagant feeling.

The date, like no other, would not come to an end. Even though the candlelight is off, still the light of the love I feel for Him is glowing—even on the dreariest times of my life.

26 Tugon to “I fell in love.”

  1. irish said

    masarap ka date si Lord

    lalo na tuwing madaling araw kung saan ikaw lng ang gising, tahimik ang buong paligid, walang istorbo.

    only You and God.

    magandang prayer time un. and i really missed doing that.

    anlaki na ng atraso ko sa knya. inaamin ko minsan nakakaligtaan ko na magpray ng as-in pray.

    but I always thank HIM for everything

  2. dianne said

    sabi sayo hindi ka naman talaga nag-iisa eh. 🙂

    yun lang. wala akong masabi eh.

    sige. ingat. ^^

  3. ako rin walang masabi. tinawag lang ako ni dianne dito sa computer, naglalaro ako ng sudoku eh.

  4. IRISH.
    hindi naman Niya tayo iiwan e. kahit anong mangyari. tayo lang yung lumalayo. kapag naman bumalik na tayo sa kanya, buong puso niya tayong yayakapin pabalik sa kanyang mga bisig. pag in love ka nga naman.

  5. DIANNE.
    sabi mo e.
    naniniwala naman ako.
    just hold my hand.

  6. CEEJAY.
    hindi ko na maintindihan ang mga kinikilos mo.

  7. musikero said

    ei, ngaun lang uli ako nagupdate. Nagpost lang ako tapos naglog out agad. Hehe,, well, I know and I hope you are always in-love with God. That’s what I’m praying for. Kip the fire burning!! Sa wednesday sama ka sa lovestruck namin huh.. Ingat palagi!! God bless!!!

  8. tsina said

    Faith. Fate. ?

    Bahala na. nag dududa na ako sa kanya eh.

  9. janelle said

    never had a date with him, ang ka date ko kasi nung vday yung pc namin coz ginawa ko yung thesis kong pamatay. pero if given a chance to have a date with god, cyempre go ako. well, i don’t believe in him dati because i wasn’t able to see, feel or hear him. ang hirap maniwala pag hindi percieved ng five senses di ba? but there’s one point in my life na sobrang down ako, then i felt na hindi ko na talaga kaya. i seek his help through a simple prayer, kasi kapit sa patalim na talaga ako. i dunno what happened pero parang ang feeling ko gumaan yung pakiramdam ko after that prayer. yun 😀

  10. MARLON.
    i will always hold on to God. walang makapagpapalayo sa akin sa Kanya.
    i’m not sure with the lovestruck on wednesday. you’re not seeking me naman e. hindi ko na alam ang nangyayari sa’yo.
    it’s as if i don’t exist.

  11. TSINA.
    alam mo naman palang nandyan lang Siya e.
    huwag kang magduda.
    dahil Siya, hindi Siya nagdududang hagkan ka ng buong pagmamahal.

  12. TEA said

    You’d never go wrong with Him.

    There would be times that I won’t be there, that I would not be able to understand you. For all those times, I apologize.

    But with God, I guess, He’d never leave you.

  13. JANELLE.
    people had the apparent propensity of not believing on such a something that cannot be perceived. but one thing is for sure, his spirit dwells in everyone. through prayers, we can communicate with Him. and through miracles, He can answer our prayers. the only thing we should do is to trust Him with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our strength and with our soul. i remember a time that i doubted His existence, especially when i was really down. He himself had proven His love. through a lot of ways, He showed me great things. He has plans for everyone of us. we just have to let Him reveal those plans in front of us.

  14. musikero said

    wow! suplado ha. Hehehe, mahiyain din ako. Ayun ang dahilan ng hindi pagpapakita sa iyo. Nawa’y intindihin din ako. 🙂

  15. TEA.
    i’m not mad at you. in fact, i am very thankful for every single thing that you have done for me, for all of those words you procured in my heart, for all of those nights that i spent on the phone talking to a very wonderful person in you.
    don’t apologize. as you have said, we all know our strengths and weaknesses. i am sorry.

  16. MARLON.
    magkahiyaan na tayo’t lahat. bahala ka.

  17. musikero said

    hmm.. nagtampo? hehe,

  18. MARLON.
    bakit naman ako magtatampo, ha!

  19. dianne said

    i presumed too much.

    i thought it would be easy.

    i dunno. what else can i say?

  20. metal-mouth james said

    religion. one day, i’ll figure it out. peace.

  21. DIANNE.
    huh? what are you talkin’ ’bout?

  22. JAMES.
    it’s not about religion.
    it’s about faith.

  23. grace said

    d ka iiwn ni God kht kailan.. Kht gustuhin nya,d nya un mka2ya.. msyang magdasal.. pra kang nagco2nfess,, its better than confessing to a priest!! yeah..

  24. grace said

    ang saya nga makausap c God.. better than confessing to a priest.. kc kpag nagpray ka, direkta na sa kanya..

    sabi nga niya, “I will leave you for forsake you.” masaya dahil directly tayong nakakapag-communicate sa Kanya. salamat.

  26. GRACE.
    masaya talaga!

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