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Swimming at Ace Water Spa.

Posted by Paurong sa Miyerkules, Pebrero 21, 2007

The “swimming thing” was along Del Monte Avenue near corner Banawe Street, Quezon City. We parked the car then entered the back entrance. We were already oriented on the do’s and do not’s and the expected things on Ace Water Spa. After paying at the counter, my aunt Ate Vivian gave each one of us, the pass, the headwear, and the locker key.

There were still a lot of people so we decided to have dinner first.

The lockers of male and female are separated, of course. Our footwares were taken at the entrance. Then, Tito Denver, Penpen (Tito Denver’s nephew) and I opened our respective lockers. I put there my things except my swimwear, my headwear, my key in my wrist, and my towel. I took a shower, then, there we were! Inside the full spectrum of aqua massage jets.

The European concept of therapeutic spa utilizes “Ultrasonic Jet System” that massages specific areas of the human body and when combined with hear, it removes oils, fats and other non-essential materials from the skin and body which results to slimming and good blood circulation.A huge and spacious spa that has more than 20 unique and fully automated Ultrasonic Massage System quipped with therapeutic aquatic jets to relax and soothe tired muscles while chatting and enjoying the company of your friends and loved ones.

I enjoyed floating in the current of the Lazy River. We wore salbabidas and it’s really cool. There’s no need to step on the ground because there was a current. I enjoyed it because I had fun with Penpen and I had realized that it’s nice to have a brother. That time, I treated him as my younger brother. He is ten years old, I suppose. It really touched my heart—the way he was calling me “Kuya Jonell.” We were together on every massage system like the water fall, the massage system for buttocks, hips, waists, lower back, head, and everything, the bucket splash, that big watergun, the intensely cold pool… He usually let me accompany him on this and that, here and there. I felt a happiness that is so much unexplainable. A rare expectance.

We spent about two hours there. With that small span of time, I realized that I am starting to appreciate swimming and breathing underwater as well. Chuckles! I floated like a merman and learned some swimming myself, though I do not know how to swim!

I even had the idea of becoming a swimmer someday. But that is so ridiculous, let me say. I was right, I cannot explain everything that happened in this manner. Everything was a lot more of a thing called fun.

The clock struck half past ten. We had to leave the pool and settle down. I took a shower. I dressed up and put a big smile on my face which was so unbelievable. I enjoyed it.

Everything had been settled before we left. Penpen and I had a great time–and until that time of parting, I wasn’t talking to Kaye (his older sister, 12). I admit, I am a snooty person. And I can’t find any remedy for it. Inside the car, everyone was talking about the experience, and Ate Viv was still blaming us for not coming with them the last time they went there. She told us that it was there fifth time already on going there. She said that maybe next month, we’ll go there again. How I wish that is tomorrow.

On our way going home, my aunt wanted siopao at Chowking but we disagreed. It’s kind of funny that Penpen and I had a similar like about eating burger from Burger Machine. And so we looked for the nearest stand and bought five burgers with coleslaw (o, i hated the vegetable thing). They had juice while I had Pepsi. Unluckily, there were no straws for the juices! Haha!

It was already late but we had soaring gayeties in our smiles.

4 Tugon to “Swimming at Ace Water Spa.”

  1. nixinne said

    awww…it’s just like when we went to Kentucky Splash Island in KY. there was this big lazy river and it wa so much fun as you described it! sayang i don’t know where the pictures went…

    the lazy river is so much fun! splash island?

  3. tina said

    your experience sounds nice…

    and the way you describe it.. parang gusto ko na rin pumunta.. at mag try. haha. too bad walang ganyan dito. -_-

    anyhow.. it’s nice tohear someone calling you “kuya” or “ate” in a sweet way. hehe. 🙂

    glad you had a nice time.

  4. TINA.
    those things were really nice.
    i miss those things especially the way someone is calling me “kuya.”

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