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A familiar voice.

Posted by Paurong sa Huwebes, Pebrero 22, 2007

It’s innate to me to watch television before going to bed. This time I’ve been up until twelve in the midnight. A quarter of an hour passed before I went to bed. Then another quarter of an hour passed as I was trying to fall asleep. Then, the phone rang. I wondered who it was. I hurriedly went downstairs and heard a not-so-familiar voice.

“Hello, pwede po kay Jonell?” he uttered.

“Sino ‘to?” I asked, still wondering who the heck the caller is.

“Si Matthew po,” he said.

“S-sino?” I smattered abundantly.

“Si Matthew po, friend niya–”

It took me a minute or two before I finally realized that I was talking to Matt whom I usually chat with through YM. I remembered last time, about two weeks ago, that he said he’ll call me up when he has time. I wasn’t expecting his call since he didn’t promised me such. I didn’t even remember that I asked him last time if we can talk over the phone sometime.

He told me he goes home late at night, but then I agreed that we can talk even during dawn. His voice was familiar; this was also his reaction, he said my voice is familiar. We just talked about some school stuffs since he studied at my school some years ago. He’s nineteen and he also lives in Pasig, somewhere far away from where I reside.

I hope we can talk more next time. He’s intelligent, I assume.

After our conversation over the phone, I decided to continue my conquest on trying to fall asleep yet the neighbors were so noisy. I tried to relax but my mind was guffawing things like “blog it, Jonell, blog it” and in the contrary “you have to quit on blogging, Jonell”. So, half-empty, half-full, I stood up and opened my PC and played Age of Empires II before blogging.


30 Tugon to “A familiar voice.”

  1. ako rin. tawag din ako senyo. hehe. wala naman tayong paguusapan eh.

  2. nixinne said

    haaay…miss ko na pinas…and all my friends from there…i remember those days that i have sooo much time in my hands that i have the chance to actually talk on the phone from dusk till dawn…i miss those days!!

  3. chino said

    ang saya naman.. hehehe.. 😀

  4. CEEJAY.

    i also miss those days wherein i talk on the phone so much. hayzz.. i’m so busy doing so many things.

  6. CHINO.
    no it’s not.

  7. YNA said


    Oh, man. We haven’t talked for, like, ages. Anyway, I’m soooooooper busy right now cause exam’s coming up next week and I have to complete all my requirements so could (*gasps*) GRADUATE!

    I miss talking to you. HONESTLY. I just can’t right now. Maybe you’re busy too?

  8. YNA.
    tama ba namang tumawa?
    we’re both busy.
    you know that.

  9. ok. ako 5478465

  10. CEEJAY.
    hala. humanda ka kapag tinawagan kita!

  11. shella said

    ..aUs aH..
    ..d lang d2 nata2puS ang usApan nyung daLAwa..
    ..close na talagah siguro kau..
    ..masya yan.. telebabad sa madaling araw..

  12. SHELLA.
    hindi kami close no.
    telebabad sa madaling araw. madalas ko na yang ginawa.

  13. shella said

    ..parehas tau..!!
    ..masaya un. lalu na pagmakulet kausap mo..

  14. SHELLA.
    bakit hindi tayo magkausap? no?

  15. shella said

    ..geh ba..?!?

  16. SHELLA.
    nabanggit mo na ba number mo sa’kin?

  17. shella said

    ..uhmm.. d pa eheheh..

    672-3353 po.. =p

    ..uhmm.. ung no. mo po nikuha ko din dun sa taas ah..

  18. shella said

    ..uhmm d pa po.. =p


    ..ung no. mo pu nikuha ko din dun sa taas ah..


  19. shella said

    ..uhmm d pa po..
    ..672-3353 pu..

    ..ung no. mo pu nikuha ko din po dun sa taas ah..

  20. SHELLA.
    ako ba o ikaw ang tatawag?
    mag-uusap ba tayo?

  21. shella said

    ..ahahah!! ko po..

  22. shella said

    ..kaw na lng pu siguro..
    ..pwede ngaun..ahahha..!!!
    ..wulang magawa eh…

  23. paurong said

    tawag na ako ha.

  24. paurong said

    ahm… let me think.

  25. shella said

    ..cgeh po..^^

  26. paurong said

    nahihiya ako, eh..

  27. shella said

    ..sus bakit naman kaya nahihiya..
    ..wula na naman pong dapat ikahiya..

  28. paurong said

    e kasi nga nahihiya ako.
    baka wala akong masabi over the phone.

  29. sheLLa said

    ..ahh ganun pu ba..? d kapag kailngan mo na lng po ng kausap..

  30. paurong said

    e palagi kong kailangan ng kausap e. jejejee…

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