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The umbrella.

Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Pebrero 23, 2007

You would probably hate me. I have this loathsome attitude of being snobbish. I don’t respond to any passersby’s greeting. I would merely walk along the corridors without the tolerance shown on this sort of crap for I just talk to people I really want to talk to. Many people hate me and only a few of my classmates have the guts to converse with me on a day.

Everyone thought that I would be like that for the rest of my life yet everything seems to be changing.

It was a Thursday evening. I had no umbrella that time and so I had nothing else to do but to wait for the rain to end. The rain was so hard I can’t even wait for something magical to transpire.

“Miss, do you need help?” – that sentence rumbled the silence of my dreams. I can’t believe someone has approached me. It was this tall guy offering me his umbrella. His voice was not infuriated; it was gentle as thin air.

It was the first time I accepted a help. And for the least, it came from a guy. He accompanied me to the bus station. Luckily, he was able to hear my weak “thank you.”

On my way home, I realized that I forgot one thing: I forgot to ask his name.

COMING UP NEXT: Wetted teardrops.


23 Tugon to “The umbrella.”

  1. chino said

    aaaww..ang kyut.. hehehehe

  2. CHINO.
    what a comment talaga!

  3. Buti hindi nagbiro ang lalaki ng “Akala ko txt u.” 🙂

  4. Pinoy Writer.
    thanks for dropping by!

  5. allan said

    nice writing style. You have a very great talent.

  6. Mikko said

    pls vote for my blog! ilang votes na lang para mag-first place ako. need ur support 😉 vote here >

  7. puro babae ang alter ego mo. hehe.

  8. geexie said

    hehe.. nice post… kaya lang medyo naguguluhan ako… hehe… hehe… anyway,,, cute ba ung guy? ;p

  9. dave said

    aba series na naman ba ito na nakakakilig? 🙂 anyway, mukhang naimpluwensyahan mo na rin ako, check out my latest post to see why, hehe.

  10. nixinne said

    oohh…wow..nakakahiya mang aminin dahil tumatanda na ako pero kilig ha! cute nga ba yung guy???

  11. ALLAN.
    nakakataba ng puso ang iyong mga salita. thank you so much. hope to see you again.

  12. MIKKO.
    thanks for the visit.

  13. CEEJAY.
    ayokong lalaki. lilitaw na ako yun.

  14. GEEXIE.
    salamat sa pagbisita!
    i don’t know dun sa girl.. yung girl lang kasi yung nakakita e.

  15. DAVE.
    naimpluwensiyahan kita? good or bad influence?

  16. NIXINNE.
    salamat sa pagbasa!
    cute yata. ewan ko dun sa girl.

  17. dave said

    well, neutral naman kasi napa-post lang ako ng kwento sa blog ko, hehe. tingnan na lang natin kung ano ang kalalabasan.

  18. DAVE.
    buti ka pa nakapagpost ka ng story.
    ako wala na. wala na.

  19. mats said

    Oh my! Sayang naman! *sighs*

  20. MATS.
    hindi rin. hahaaha!

  21. mats said

    Hindi rin? Okay! Mabuti nalang at di niya natanong yung name, kundi…

  22. MATS.
    kundi ano? nako. malalaman din natin sa mga susunod na mangyayari.

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