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Ang Kahalagahan ng Pagiging Seryo.

Posted by Paurong sa Sabado, Pebrero 24, 2007

I arrived at the University of Asia and the Pacific at around 7:40 pm. After lending my ID to the security guards, I hurriedly had my way. The corridors were so dim-lighted but that did not turn out to be a predicament on my going to Telengtan Hall. It was my second time to go there after watching “Art” last September 2006 on the same venue.

Upon having my seat reservation stub (seat LC1), an usher stamped Kultura’s logo on my right wrist. I sat down for some minutes until the door was opened for us to have our seats.

I honestly enjoyed “Ang Kahalagahan ng Pagiging Seryo” albeit it was my first time to watch a play without any company. The play lasted for two laugh-stricken hours. It’s nice that I was not able to spend an hour or two on the library to read its English version (The Importance of Being Earnest) before watching the play. I thought I would not be able to watch it. Thank God!

Before going home, I had my dinner at McDonald’s El Pueblo. Alone, of course! I was then actually recalling Seryo’s last line that I forgot unfortunately. Too bad for me.

I went home seeing myself containing gaiety nothing as of now can suffice. Isn’t it wonderful that my best friend (Arnold) and I are okay now? It’s been seven months of ignorance and recklessness. Haha! That’s out of my post, anyway!

8 Tugon to “Ang Kahalagahan ng Pagiging Seryo.”

  1. angelblush said

    Glad you enjoyed it🙂 Ive never been to those kind of plays. La din ganyan dito. *sigh*

    Treating yourself eh? That’s nice. I remember being at a mall alone.. (and that is something I dont like) taking my time… just being with my bestfriend… ME🙂

    Wow.. ha. You and your bestfriend is ok now?🙂 Great news🙂

  2. I really love watching plays kahit na kaunti pa lang naman yung napapanood ko:

    – Ang Palasyo ni Valentin
    – Romeo and Juliet
    – Art
    – Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pangyayari sa Baranggay Matimyas
    – Ang Kahalagahan ng Pagiging Seryo

    Sana madagdagan pa ang mga napanood ko na.

    I also go to the mall all by myself. Dumadalas na siya nang dumadalas. Sobra. Nakakalungkot nga e.
    Yayain kong manood ng movie ang kahit sino. Behlat.

  3. ang kyut. tagalog version pala siya. gusto ko mapanood pero walang magbbigay sakin ng tickets. woohoo. manonood na lang ako ng american idol!

  4. CEEJAY.
    tagalog version. astigin nga e. sobrang cool!
    sabi ko nga sa’yo libre na kita e. ayaw mo naman.
    american idol? no comment. alam mo naman kung bakit diba.
    musta mo na lang ako kay dianne.

  5. marj_sam said

    woi, sorry tlga nkalimutan ko un…sbi ko kse sau paalala mo . tska dba cnbi q sau na bka si pede, kase 24 un, very busy ung day ko…lam mo na…hehe, ay di mo pla lam un… nkalimutan mo ata….:(
    bawi na lang ako next tym…hehe
    d kna ulit manonood ng mag isa hehe,
    sagot mo tickets ha…:)
    go sam!!!

  6. MARJ.

  7. junanteola said

    thanks for dropping by my blog. you write very well, keep blogging.🙂

  8. JUN.
    compliment na naman. salamat!

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