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Wetted teardrops.

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Pebrero 25, 2007

PREVIOUSLY: The umbrella.

As I was walking along the corridors, I suddenly noticed this girl, sitting on a bench, crying, alone. With my inept talent of explaining why things go, I don’t know what made me approach her.

The sunset’s grandeur leaped unto her burden as I advanced. As she looked to see who was coming, I swiftly realized that she is a friend of mine. I sat beside her; as I was about to ask why was she crying, she hugged me.

In a while, she told me that she found out that her boyfriend had been with another girl; thus, she had insisted a break-up with his week-old boyfriend. It was a tough job for her since she really loves the guy. For seven days, she gave herself to him, she apparently showed him how much she loves him. But in that circumstance, it was truly painful to admit that she was fooled.

With this situation, it came up to my mind that you could not be so sure in all of your decisions in life. In her case, she had dreamt to be with her boyfriend for a very long time, and when the moment came that he started to court her, she was very happy. She didn’t considered the fact that he had so many ex-girlfriends and perhaps one time she could be the next. He was believed to be collecting girls, someone who could be considered as one who plays young girls’ heart. She believed that she’s his only one, that he loves her so much more than anything else, but everything was falsehood. She wasn’t sure with her decision for the reason that she was just taunted by her inapt feeling.

She regretted a lot since then. She became conscious that she deserves someone else, someone better, someone who’ll take care of her, someone who’ll be there for her always, someone who’ll love her with all his heart…

Going forward does not necessarily mean that you are brave; oftentimes you need to be idle in your life to ponder first what your next step would be. Ask yourself what your goal is, what you want to achieve, and how you could acquire what you desire.

Moreover, who told you that you could not step backward? If it is needed, step backward, there’s no harm in doing that. Anyway, you’d still be able to reach the pinnacle. Taking a step backward doesn’t mean that you are cowardly, it merely means that you just want to be sure. However, your next step would be a big one because of your plans in life, and because of being brave to take the risk.

Learn by heart, it pays a lot to wait!

With small fast steps, I intended to leave her and scurried back to my classroom. By the way, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Denilla.


20 Tugon to “Wetted teardrops.”

  1. nixinne said

    bagong mukha ng blog…ayos ah! i like it!!!

  2. yeah. new face for my series.

  3. eko said

    ang cool nitong new blog! hello pala denilla hehehe ^_^

  4. EKO.
    ako to ako to.

  5. cars said

    wow. nice entry [and blog].
    we all learn from our mistakes at one point.. i mean, we should!

  6. CARS.
    thanks, cars!

  7. mats said

    Hello to Jonell’s new character, Denilla! Wow!
    Cars’ is right! Mistakes are great teachers… And we should LEARN from it.

  8. MATS.
    i am overwhelmed.
    grabe ang pagtanggap sa bagong character na bubuno ng story ko.
    yeah. mistakes. marami niyan si denilla.

  9. mats said

    I want to know more about Denilla…

  10. tina said

    wow.. interesting.. 😛

  11. Buti na lang nalaman nya kaagad kung anong klaseng lalaki ang bf nya.

  12. Pot said

    Honga, bagong ayos ah!

    Tama, tama.. Going forward does not necessarily mean that you’re brave.. tapang-tapangan siguro. Haha.

  13. dianne said

    denilla? weird ng pangalan. san galing yun? haha.

    jonell, namiss kita. 😡

  14. MATS.
    denilla… you’ll know more of her as my series continues.

  15. TINA.
    that’s a compliment for denilla!

  16. Pinoy Writer.
    that’s right. hindi lang siya ang may ganung klase ng bf sa paligid natin.

  17. POT.
    tapang-tapangan man, kaya nating harapin ang lahat ng bagay!

  18. DIANNE.
    look at your name and you’ll know.
    namiss din kita.

  19. dianne said

    wa. weird ka pa rin. basta. 🙂

  20. DIANNE.
    hindi yan weird.

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