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Dahil hindi plantsado ang buhay ng tao.


Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Pebrero 26, 2007

PREVIOUSLY: Wetted teardrops.

I cannot deny the truth that I long for something to fill the void inside me. As I have said, I am a snobbish girl who consider enemies as enemies and treat friends as friends alike. I do not declare the emptiness I have to the people around me especially to those who merely judge me without hearing the words that come out of my mouth. I have no one to consider as my best friend. Nobody takes me as theirs too. I don’t care. It’s a silly thing for me. Call me vain or anything. That’s the truth I always uphold.

18 Tugon to “Silliness.”

  1. dianne said

    waw. parang super busy ah. pati post mo, hinahati-hati mo na. haha. :))

  2. DIANNE.
    super busy nga pero hindi pa ako gumagawa ng mga dapat gawin.
    this is my most crucial week ever ngayong fourth year. graduating na kasi.

  3. chino said

    wow.. may pa-to-be-continued2 kana ngayon a..hahahaha..sosyal!

  4. CHINO.

  5. dianne said

    feb26. this is when we restarted forever. 🙂

  6. DIANNE.
    inaantok na ako. zzzz.

  7. abc said


  8. CHINO.
    why sad face?

  9. abc said

    bahala ka sa buhay mo

  10. denilla. denilla. denilla.
    may nabalitaan ako ha.
    uhm. mejo complex pa kayo. di muna ako manghihimasok.

  11. dianne said

    dumaan. 🙂

  12. dianne said

    hinintay kita.

    kaya lang, baka masaraduhan na naman ako ng gate gaya ng kagabi.

    sige. sana nakatulog ka na ng maayos. 🙂

  13. CHINO.
    iiyak na naman ako.

  14. CEEJAY.
    denilla ka dyan?! sino naman yun?
    anong complex ang sinasabi mo.
    aba aba!

  15. DIANNE.
    nangongonsensya ka ba o ano?

  16. DIANNE.

  17. Mayang said

    a nice thought you got here… 🙂

  18. MAYANG.

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