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The emergency room.

Posted by Paurong sa Miyerkules, Pebrero 28, 2007

Everyone was already prepared for the fancy drill competition among the Fourth Year Special Science classes of Rizal High School. The past days were packed with practices, practices and practices that squeezed every inch of our bodies. Last night, our tiresome rehearsal ended at 9 pm.

Winning is not on our section’s vocabulary; all we want is to finish this for us to focus on other things that are utterly important such as our historical researches and our term papers that are due on Friday. I am right on saying that this is the most crucial week I ever had.

Everything was set when something bad happened to my best friend. I freaked out when the news came to me that he was rushed to a hospital. Something happened! Something terrible happened without my knowing it! Because of what happened, the elimination procedure was postponed. Everybody was frustrated. I, on the other hand, was stupefied by every single thing that was around me including the pressure of my paper works, my obligations, my assignments, etc.

I hurriedly went to the hospital where my best friend was rushed to. I first saw his mother who didn’t know what to do next. She was accompanied by her sister who was trying to calm her but the former couldn’t relax the latter.

A cardiac arrest. I held my breath so slowly, breathing in the acceptance of the bad news that he is in a critical condition. Tears began to stream down my cheeks. He is my best friend, I don’t want to lose him.

22 Tugon to “The emergency room.”

  1. chino said

    may your bestfriend be well.. 🙂

  2. nixinne said

    cardiac arrest ??? how old is your best friend ??? assuming that he is your age…very young !!! mayroong other cause kung bakit siya nag cardiac arrest unless he has childhood cardiac history…

    i am a cardiac nurse that’s why i was quite concerned especially if he is as young as you are!

    i am so sorry to hear what happened and i hope your best friend will recover soon. please let me know if you need any info, ok?

  3. tina said

    sad. he lacks vit. c. i think you should let him be under Rath’s Protocol

    its natural and all that…. may all go well with your bestfriend…

  4. dianne said

    sana gumaling na xa.

  5. wah. cnu kaya un. katulad ng sabi ni dianne, sana gumaling siya.

  6. CHINO.
    i have no best friend.

    a very young age. very young.
    wala naman akong magawa.

  8. TINA.
    vitamin c.

  9. DIANNE.
    sana wag.

  10. CEEJAY.
    hindi mo kilala? wah.

  11. Ferdz said

    Cardiac arrest on such a young age???!!! I hope he gets better soon.

    Dyan ka lng pala sa Rizal high. I usually jog there in the morning. Salamat sa pagbisita. Hoping for fast recovery to your friend

  12. FERDZ.
    wah! idol. i’m so overwhelmed binisita mo ako.

  13. annamanila said

    Omg. Perhaps he had congenital heart trouble? A blue baby? How is he now? Still critical? There, I breathed a quick prayer. What’s his name?

  14. ANNA.
    i have to spill my beans.
    it’s just a fiction.

  15. xine said


    eh diba na heat stroke si castro?

    hindi ba siya un?

  16. paurong said

    again, ikaw ang makakasagot niyan.
    at paano mo nalamang na-heat stroke si arnold?

  17. xine said

    …tnxt ni marasigan na lahat ng ginagawa tntxt (ang epal talaga.)…

  18. paurong said

    bakit kayo na ba ulit? hahaha!

  19. xine said

    anong kami na ulit…ulit? ulit? ulit? ulit??????? ANONG ULIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    in his dreams….grrr…asar ako sa kanya pano magiging kami…..

  20. paurong said

    asar? ikaw asar sa kanya?
    e ang sweet niyo nga noong friday sa church e.
    denial queen.

  21. xine said

    anong sweet samin nung friday??? wajajaja, na-aaning ka na! yuck!! sweet niya mukha niya…auko nga siya lumalapit sakin kaya nga ang laki ng distance namin eh..HINDI KAMI SWEET!!!!!!!

  22. paurong said

    kaya nga hindi na ako nagpaalam sa’yo nung friday, eh. kasi magkausap pa kayo sa hagdanan. sweet talaga.

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