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Hunger proves poverty.

Posted by Paurong sa Miyerkules, Marso 7, 2007

A very simple yet intrinsic question blasted on my mind as I was pondering about the upcoming May election: Could poverty be solved now?

Everytime I see hungry people on the streets, under bridges, or even at their own homes, I can’t help but to be sad about the turmoil that despite of the nation’s gradual rise, there are still Filipinos who can’t afford to eat thrice a day.

The November survey of the Social Weather Station (SWS) indicated that 16.9 percent of some 17.4 million households (each having about 5 members) were hungry at least once over the past three months.

SWS said in a statement that the results of the survey showed that while some families managed to cross the borderline of poverty, other families began to suffer the deep deprivation of hunger.

So, what’s the real problem behind this? Is this the result of the purported economic growth being flaunted by President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo or is it the real image the whole country, including the countries having affairs with us, ought to apperceive?

As we can see, the Philippine peso has been continually jabbing throughout its fight against the dollar value. The highest level of peso in six years hit the financial markets at 48 point something to the US dollar due to hefty remittances from OFWs. President Arroyo at a press briefing said that she expects the peso to continue to rise.

More so, the Philippines has been connected to more of its trade partners like Japan considering the controversial Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA). With these and more, we can accept unstintingly that our country is moving faster. But then how can we say that our country is starting to gain more conventionality if its populace is getting hungrier?

“The poverty rate is down, the per capita income is at an all-time high and we are on track for a balanced budget,” the president said during the 3rd Asean-China Expo held on Nanning, China.

The Philippines is a Third World country–its the truth all of us should accede. If the Filipinos are going to let our government rule over us and let their power be recognized abundantly, we can be rest assured that as we continue to progress, each one of us will benefit on the triumph of national improvement.

The election to come may be our new hope. There can be changes. There can be sudden improvements. All we have to do is to trust the trustworthy. Please vote wisely.


39 Tugon to “Hunger proves poverty.”

  1. I don’t think poverty will be solved, because the government doesn’t want to solve it. The politicans just use problems like poverty as an excuse for all force and theft they use, such as taxing people.

    You might be interested in the Hunger, Homelessness, & Poverty Forums.

  2. tina said

    Uhmm i think it can be solved. everything in this world has a solution.

    Humans who took advantage are the reason why there are hungy and the oppressed…..

    You see… humans have great power they just do not know how to use it and only a few 5% knows how to do it and mostly those 5% are on top.

    Anyhow.. poverty just like war can be ended.. if the HUMAN RACE (every singe person) agrees to END it. But not everyone agrees to end it… now that’s sad…

  3. ehji said

    dumaan at nagbasa. hm. poverty doesnt really depend on the officials per se. the people also has to make a decision, and that is to rise from poverty.

    and so i quote many beauty queens and gays, ‘give a man a fish and he will live a day. teach a man jow to fish and he will live a lifetime.’


  4. paurong said

    talking about corruption and graft makes me sick. the government should act; it is the foundation of the country. i agree with you.

  5. paurong said

    yes, poverty can be ended if there really is a thing such as “unity” and “cooperation”. honesty must also be on the vocabulary of the officials.

  6. paurong said

    wonderful quote. living with a living. i hope everyone will be like that.

  7. jane said

    naks naman. pwede nang pang-editorial sa inquirer ah. hehe. 🙂

  8. paurong said

    huh? editorial daw o.

  9. xine said

    …reporter na naman xa…

    kala ko ba ibibigay mo ung nokbuk…

  10. paurong said

    reporter ka dyan?!

    excuse me. hinagilap kita sa buong campus. pagud na pagod ako sa kakahanap sa isang kristine bernadette nacion ponciano na mas masungit pa sa akin.
    nasaan ka ba? hindi kita nakita. hindi ko tuloy naibigay personally. ayoko namang iabot kay sarah kasi yamot ako dun. azar!

  11. xine said

    …bakit ka mag hahagilap eh dalawang lugar lang naman aq pwede nandun…sa ir xka sa science bldg.

    …ang daya!!

  12. paurong said


    pabalik-balik pa nga ako e. nakakainis.

  13. xine said

    ANONG MARASIGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nakakainis ka…

  14. paurong said

    bukas ano ba sked mo? nang mapuntahan kita.
    kasi naman o. pabalik-balik kaya ako sa science at ir. wala ka naman.

  15. xine said

    1 .mapeh


    sorry kung nagpa-balik-balik ka…

  16. paurong said

    mabigat kasi pasanin ko kanina. dala ko pa yung laptop.. huhuhu.. tapos wala ka naman.
    9-11 ang practice namin ng graduation bukas.

  17. xine said

    ..wala na nga pala kaung gngawa…

    sorry talaga hah, di ko alam kng bkit di tau ngkta…

  18. paurong said

    hindi ka lang talaga nagpakita sa akin.
    galit ka ba sa akin?

  19. xine said

    …galit eh noh…ano kaya un…
    bakit ako magagalit..

  20. paurong said

    wala lang.
    dapat magkita na tayo bukas kundi di na kita papansinin.. (grabe naman yun)
    loko lang yun.
    basta bukas puntahan kita.

  21. xine said

    …ano ka ba naman…

  22. paurong said

    o bakit naman.

  23. xine said


  24. paurong said

    isang buwan na lang ako sa campus.

  25. xine said

    …graduate na kayo…
    …4th year n kami…

    sana di mo naman ako makalimutan..

  26. paurong said

    magsusulatan pa rin naman tayo e.
    saka dadaan-daan ako sa school pag college na ako.
    makikita mo na akong naka-necktie.
    jejeje… 🙂

  27. xine said

    ..nyeh, jeje….

    ui, mag-ooff na koh…kakain na ko xka ggwn ko na ung requirement ni mam merino..

    sorry tlga…

  28. paurong said

    ok lang. off na rin ako..
    sige kaya mo yan.
    papalakas ako kay ma’am merino.
    jejejeje… =D

  29. xine said



  30. paurong said

    😦 bye. 😦

  31. brVincce said

    hi, paurong tnx for dropping by my blog… and what did u mean by “Ikaw pala yan”?

    sensya na ha, medyo out of topic itong nilagay ko sa comment box mo 😀

    anyway, talking about poverty, let’s look at our poor neighbors and ask them how do they survive in spite of real poverty.

  32. paurong said

    hi vince! it’s nice to see you here. matagal na kasi kitang naririnig. jejejeje 😀

  33. sheLLa said

    For me government official does’nt really affect people’s status in life. What I have learned in economics, poverty is due to some instances like overpopulation, unemployment and lack of budget. Eventhough the government increase their spending they were’nt able to accommodate all the people’s needs because their budget isn’t enough for everyone (due to overpopulation). They weren’t able to rendered the sevices and goods most wanted and needed in the society. Also the jobs offered here were finite…

    Basta wula ganung connection ang kahirapan ng mga tao sa mga government officials. Asa kanila na din kasi un kung bakit nagiging miserable ung buhay nila..


  34. paurong said

    but then, of course, the government ought to help us. wala na akong pera.

  35. HERLENE JANE said

    aww! jonell you can be a future newscaster someday! nice job! =)

  36. paurong said

    thanks for the compliment as it sound to be such, but then i have no dream of becoming one.

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  38. Joanne said

    haha. spammer ulet. masyado kasing popular blog mo eh.

  39. Emoseb said

    12:47 am
    Ms. JOANNE — hindi ko talaga alam kung bakit may nakakalusot na spam dito. asar.

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