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Back to me.

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Marso 20, 2007

People just come and sooner or later go–that is what I learned from what happened between the two of us. She left a year ago to continue her studies on California. Her mom wanted her to be with the rest of her family there and so she had to leave. I can still remember our last moment together. She, together with her aunt and his father, treated me for a dinner on a sumptuous restaurant before going to the airport. The two of us were happy because even on the last seconds of our being together, we have this undeniable smiles of gaiety despite the consequent parting.

After the dinner, the four of us drove to the airport and was on time. After depositing her luggages, the only thing that remained undone was her departure. We waited for about half-an-hour. I was agitated because I knew that hours from that time, I could no longer embrace my best friend everytime she is wearied, I could no longer laugh with her as we watch movies on her bedroom, I could no longer eat with her on the school canteen during lunch breaks, I could no longer phone him every single night before going to sleep… There are so many things that I would miss.

The time had come as if the hands of time revved up. Before waving goodbyes, she took my cold hands and, in a blink of an eye, held me in her arms. She thanked me for everything. She even reiterated her gratitude over and over again as if she was not leaving. I was not expecting that tears would run down from my eyes. I thought I could be brave enough to hide my sadness of her going away. My emotions struggled its extreme truthfulness. I slowly pushed her away from me and reminded her that she was about to leave. And so she did.

A German philosopher once said “every parting gives a foretaste of death; every coming together again a foretaste of the resurrection.” It’s been a year without any communication with her until what happened tonight. She is back. Yes, she is. She is back now that I have almost forgotten her existence. She came back now that I have met another girl whom I thought can replace her here in my heart. I was definitely wrong.

Memories of her came flashing back to me. My head is bursting now yet the thought of her being back makes me more adamant. I want to feel her lips converging on mine again. I wish we can be together again now that she’s back. I still love my best friend.


92 Tugon to “Back to me.”

  1. Ang galing!

  2. paurong said

    Pinoy Writer,

  3. chris said

    cool blog huh! keep it up!

  4. paurong said

    thanks for the visit.

  5. Cat said

    buti naman happy ending toh. I really hate goodbyes..salamat sa pagbigay ng comment:0

  6. Roland said

    You have moved on since the day you bestfriend left. It’s understandable that you feel that way. Anyway, thanks for commenting on my blog and visiting my friendster profile. I already linked you πŸ™‚ I will be a regular reader here.

  7. paurong said

    salamat sa pagbisita!

  8. paurong said

    ayos kasi ang blog ko. cool! thanks for the link!

  9. mhirap tlaga pag best friend na ang usapan. ah ewan

  10. paurong said

    uu.. talaga.. sinabi mo pa. pag na-in love ka talaga sa best friend mo.. hayz.

  11. wala.
    magaling, magaling, magaling.

  12. paurong said

    sino ka? ahm… pwede ka bang magpakilala?

  13. Dexter said

    grabe, ramdam na ramdam ko ang lungkot… pati mga words na malalalim bigla kong naintindihan dahil sa lungkot na nadama ko habang binabasa ang BACK TO ME. keep up the good work nell. Balang araw, magiging planstado ka rin.


  14. paurong said

    ang kalungkutan ay napapawi rin. masaya na ako, bumalik na siya, e.

  15. juana said


    waw. wala akong masabi. sobrang lungkot ko ngayon. umalis na kasi si denib. T_T

  16. paurong said

    salamat sa pagdaan.

  17. juana said


  18. paurong said

    salamat sa pagdaan..

  19. ay di pa pala ako nakakacomment. wala lang.

    “I want to feel her lips converging on mine again.”

    very intriguing

  20. paurong said

    ano yun?

  21. tim ang said

    nabigla ako kasi nag pm ka.
    nakakatuwa kasi na meet rin kita. lagi ka kasing bukambibig ni dianne.
    so bumalik na siya,
    anu nang gagawin mo?

  22. paurong said

    uu nga.. nagkita na tayo! nakakatuwa..
    madrama talaga ako..
    as in sobra talaga.
    bumalik na siya.. siya pa rin pala talaga.

  23. marj_sam said

    sori, di ko pu binasa yan..haha
    bukas na lang… sbi ko nman syo nosebleed yan eh…haha
    punta muna akong clinic, teka… super nosebleed nman kc yan..haha
    joke lang…
    go sam!! :):):)
    mwuah :D:D:D

  24. marj_sam said

    sino ung sam na friend mu dito?
    cute ba un?
    haha, ganda kc ng name nya…haha

  25. marj_sam said

    bitin nman ung story mu..haha, binasa koh na yan ha!!!

  26. marj_sam said

    parang familiar ung theme..haha

  27. paurong said

    hay nako.
    hindi ko ifi-feature si sam dito no.
    at saka di ko kilala yung isang sam.
    at ano ba namang familiar ang theme?? may originality naman ang mind ko no…

  28. paurong said

    nosebleed ka pa ha…
    mag-usap na kasi kayo ng kaibigan ko.

  29. marj_sam said

    nag uusap namn kmi eh…
    ung familiar na yan, i mean real story pede..hay
    feature mu na si sam dito!!
    yan, punta ka jan, bagong show ni sam sa hero tv….
    BECK ung title…. xa ung magdudub ng voice nung lead character…
    go sam!!! :):):)

  30. juana said

    someone who’s not like juana.

  31. paurong said

    sam? yuck talaga. as in yuck.

  32. paurong said

    thanks for the comment.

  33. Magaling ang pagkakasulat mo sa entry na ito.

  34. Best mo said

    i love you best πŸ™‚

  35. paurong said

    Pinoy Writer,
    salamat naman.

  36. paurong said

    BEST KO,
    matulog ka na.

  37. REDG. said

    Ang ganda ng post! πŸ˜‰ Waw talaga, mga tatlong beses ko siya inulit. :]]]

    Fiction po ba ito, or totoo? :] Hii. Kung totoo, good luck in facing her again. :]

  38. paurong said

    ui… musta na? salamat sa maka-apat na pagbasa. mukha na ba tong fiction? hahaha.

  39. familiar layout

  40. paurong said

    huh? what do you mean?

  41. Jo said

    nice blog jonell!


  42. tiff said

    awww..i guess u’re a bit confused now..basta follow your heart and you could never go wrong..God bless!

  43. yen said

    just think about what your heart wants to do. πŸ™‚

  44. paurong said

    thank you very much.

  45. paurong said

    i’m following my heart. thanks!

  46. paurong said

    my heart still loves her.

  47. marj_sam said

    ang yabang mu!!!
    cute cute ni sam eh!!
    go sam!! :):):)

  48. tin said

    cool.. nice piece. wish i could right something like that.. :>

    I tried to post some comments on your previous blogs. but it was a failure.. anyways, keep up the good work!

    by the way.. are you planning to ba a writer?

    P.S. i’ll put up my own blog.. this summer.can you please lend me some hand.thx anyways!

  49. paurong said

    hay nako. yan ka naman..

  50. paurong said

    hello! thanks for the compliment. i appreciate your reading my posts. well, yes, i want to be a writer someday.
    it’s okay for me to give you some help if you want.

  51. reynajuana said


  52. paurong said

    ui.. nagbablog ka na pala.

  53. reynajuana said

    hindi ito pangmatagalan. buburahin ko rin ito.

  54. paurong said

    ang lakas ng topak mo. ano naman yung pinost mo.

  55. reynajuana said

    tumigil na si isagani sa pagtakbo.

  56. paurong said

    isagani pala ha.

  57. jane said

    watever. bakit adik ka ha?

  58. paurong said

    sige kung ayaw mo na akong kaibigan, e di wag.
    well, sanay na nga naman ako sa mga ganyang sitwasyon.

  59. reynajuana said

    hala. adik na talaga.

  60. paurong said

    hindi ako adik.

  61. reynajuana said

    nadisconnect ako. at nagloloko na ang ym.

  62. paurong said

    nasa computer shop pero nadidisconnect? hahaha. wag na mong kausapin kung yan ang gusto mong mangyari.
    bahala ka na.

  63. grabe. nasa computer shop kasi ako e.

  64. paurong said


  65. nag raragna ka pala.

    PORINg for PResident!

  66. paurong said

    turuan mo naman akong magragnarok o.

  67. rus said

    hehe.. salamat sa pagdaan sa blog ko.. ex links? wahaha

  68. paurong said

    thanks for the visit!

  69. every parting gives a foretaste of death; every coming together again a foretaste of the resurrection.

    – i agree. ^&^

  70. Napakahusay……

  71. nika said

    make a move dude. you can’t just sit back and wish. πŸ™‚

  72. Sharyl Aquino said

    Kaantig-antig ang iyong mga nailathala….
    lubusan akong nasiyahan sa iyong mga ngawa

    >>>> πŸ˜€ Sharyl…

  73. paurong said

    correct. correct.

  74. paurong said

    salamat. salamat.

  75. paurong said

    whatever. whatever.

  76. paurong said

    maigi. maigi.

  77. shella said

    another arousing story..

  78. paurong said

    nabuhay ka!

  79. mats said

    Musta na Jonell?

  80. paurong said

    ayos lang naman, kahit papaano.

  81. mats said

    kahit papaano..?
    oh well, elaborate mo!
    it’s been awhile… and i’m totally back!

  82. Gen said

    hi! napadaan lng ako s blog mo…

    actually naka2relate ako s post mo kci may bestfriend rin akong lalake at malapit n rin kming magkalayo dhil grad n…un lng

  83. paurong said

    minsan kasi malungkot ako.. pero maayos na kasi nakita ko na ang BEST friend ko.

  84. paurong said

    nako mahirap nga yan pag magkakalayo na kayo ng best friend mo.

  85. mats said

    most of the time, loneliness won’t leave us alone kasi…
    pero ayos lang yun, it makes us all stronger!
    yaa, naaalala ko nga ang BEST friend mo.

  86. paurong said

    anong best friend ang sinasabi mo?

  87. mats said

    di ba nga nagkachat tayo one time. and you told me about your bestfriend…

  88. paurong said

    ah. siya pala yung tinutukoy mo. kawawa nga e hindi siya gagraduate.

  89. marj_sam said

    hay nako.. lagi nman eh…
    go sam!! :):):)

  90. ewan ko sa’yo.

  91. mats said

    ay ganun?! sad naman… so musta naman?
    long time ah!

  92. uu sad talaga. eto nga napanaginipan ko pa siya. pasaway kasi yung batang yun e.

    maayos naman sa kabila ng mga kalungkutan. hahahaa!

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