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Nine o’clock in the twilight.

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Marso 27, 2007

Everytime the clock strikes nine, I give a break to whatever I am doing. It’s because I know that as the grandfather clock in the drawing room makes this creepy sound alarming every hour of every day, the rings of the telephone will amplify to my ears, and even before the clock stops its hourly habit, she is already in the opposite line—talking to me.

Her name is Denise, my best friend since First Year High School. She is the one I was talking about on a previous post about a departure and a coming back. Since the news about her return came to my ears, I have always waited for her call. Days and nights passed without her presence; even her voice seemed to be non-existent.

Well, last night appeared to be the night I was waiting for. The telephone rang at exactly 9:00 pm. During that time, I was busy on reading a Stephen King novel. The rings of the telephone looked like an enchanting hymn of a leprechaun. The fairy-like attraction undoubtedly allured me. I hurriedly made my way to the telephone and picked it up. I waited for the absorption of her voice which transpired immediately. Upon hearing her voice, my heart melted and my mind became a clay toiled on a furnace.

“Musta na?”

“Ikaw na ba ‘yan, Denise?”

“Sino pa ba?”

“Ikaw ba talaga ‘yan?”

“Ano sa tingin mo?”

“Hindi nga?”

“Hindi ka ba naniniwala?”

“Puro tayo tanong.”

“Wala namang sagot.”

We laughed. We laughed as if a year of not being together did not pass. Her sweet voice truly dissolved my inner being.

“I miss you, Jonell.”

“Miss din kita.”

She promised me that she’ll treat me out this evening. I can’t wait to see her again. I want to see how California changed her appearance. I want to learn more about her experiences there. Wow! My best friend is back. I can only imagine our togetherness… surpassing yet again another chapter of our lives.


42 Tugon to “Nine o’clock in the twilight.”

  1. Roland said

    Wow! You must be really happy to finally talked with your beloved bestfriend. I hope that the both of you will be happy spending time together.


  2. paurong said

    hopefully yes. thanks for that.

  3. Cat said

    i agree, you have so much to talk about, dont just let it slip:)

  4. paurong said

    yeah. thanks for that.

  5. xine said

    ..totoo n ba yan?
    sorry nga pala…inantok na ko eh..

  6. tim ang said

    Nakakatuwa naman. Buti pa yung bespren mo bumalik. Yung akin, naligaw na yata. Magpakasaya na lang kayo.

  7. paurong said

    inantok. inantok. inantok.
    nagkasalubong tuloy kami ni candy kanina. awts.

  8. paurong said

    ano ba nangyari sa bespren mo. ikaw ah.

  9. reynajuana said


  10. paurong said

    ang corny.

  11. reynajuana said

    corny e ikaw ang nauna.

  12. reynajuana said

    kawawa ka naman. wala ka nang ineer being. nadissolve na. haha. 🙂

    la lang. pamatay ang mga linya mo e.

  13. reynajuana said

    *inner being.

  14. paurong said

    pamatay ang mga linya kamo? wala nga e.

  15. edi wala. bahala ka nga. pahumble ka lagi e.

  16. paurong said

    kaya nga tinatanong ko kung bakit mo nasabi yun e.

  17. alam mo na yun.

  18. paurong said

    inner being e no. hahaha! ang corny ng mga word ko.

  19. astig nga e. ang weird. haha.

  20. paurong said

    salamat. compliment yan sa pagsulat ko.

  21. paurong said

    akala ko ba tatawag ka…
    akala ko ba.

  22. ah oo nga. ang bobo ko.

  23. paurong said

    hindi ka bobo. matalino ka.
    magaling ka pa magsulat.
    champion ka nga sa baguio diba? e ako nga walang mga contest e.

  24. abbie said

    may grandfather clock kau? creepy…

  25. paurong said

    as if naman nagbasa ang president ng chronicles.

  26. paurong said

    magparamdam naman kaw!

  27. abbie said

    ang sama mu naman…huhu…
    binasa ku kaya…
    tpos pinaparinggan mu pa ko…huhu…

  28. paurong said

    aba e hindi ka naman talaga kasi tumutupad sa mga salita mo.

  29. grabe. hindi naman nasusukat ng isang beses na pagkapanalo ang talino ng isang tao. tsamba lang kasi yun e. e ikaw, magaling ka talaga.

  30. ui. alis na ko. pagaling ka a. 🙂

  31. xine said inuna mo yung bakekang mo kaya nakatulog na ko.

  32. xine said

    ..wala ka na naman

  33. katrisha said

    buti nakakausap mu bespren mu.haha.aku ung bespren ku parang tanga eh.di man lang aku pinapansin.hahaha.magbespren nga ba kami!?!?

  34. dave said

    smile na lang uli 🙂

  35. deejay said

    nakalimutan na nga.

  36. nakakainggit ka nga kasi may mga award ka e.

  37. sorry ha. sana makapag-usap na ulit tayo nang walang bakekang.

  38. bakit ka naman hindi pinapansin? baka naman nagkaaway kayo. nako mahirap yan.

  39. ui nakabalik ka after a very long time (exaggerated na naman ako).. :p

  40. hindi kita kinakalimutan!

  41. marj_sam said

    uhm,,,,, mwuah:)

  42. paurong said

    ayan ka na naman.

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