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My idol’s blog.. yipee!

Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Abril 3, 2007

Let me begin this by saying that I am not who you think I am. Apparently, the author of this blog is currently undergoing a chaotic blog leave. Imagine a 100-day blog leave? When he first told me about such ridiculous idea, I reprimanded him to dash the stupidity away. O, c’mon! I know every bit of him and so how am I suppose to ascertain myself that he is serious? Actually… he is!

Definitely! I would like to assure everyone that the miserable author of this blog—shame on me for saying this at his back!—is freakin’ firm about his 100-day blog leave. To tell you with all honesty, he is now mouth-watered with I-no-longer-want-to-blogs and I-don’t-know-how-to-write-anymores. Wah!!! My head spins everytime he reminds me this stuff. I should be dealing with anger by virtue of his impossible attitude recently but then I always see to it that I need to understand him for the rest of our lives. Yes, you heard me right.

And now that I am here on his behalf… (without his knowledge, though) I want to reiterate for everyone’s inculcation that the author of this blog is leaving… for good? I dunno. It’s really up to him. The decision is all his. I always interfere but he longer wants me… Nope. I’m just being upset that he didn’t phone me this morning to accompany him to his university for the enrolment. Wow! I salute him for that achievement.

I am not good as him on writing fictions. I idolize him for being a master in story-writing. By the way, he is currently having his good-ol’-ways on his next fiction. I still don’t know the plot but he gave me a clue. He told me that it is a suspense fiction that stars someone named Dianne. Pretty interesting. I can’t wait to be the first one to peruse his piece.

I think all of this nonsensically written crap needs to put the last period. Thanks.. (three periods, so to speak!)


16 Tugon to “My idol’s blog.. yipee!”

  1. mr.pencil said

    hehe, jonell? 🙂

  2. YNA said

    WTF happened here???

  3. Cat said

    so how did you hacked paurong’s site?

  4. juana said

    ha? ano to? LOL.

  5. dave said

    why do i have the feeling this is his friend, christine?

  6. sino? said

    hoy! jonell? hehe… talaga bang hindi ka si jonell??? or si christine???

  7. si jonell yan. pinaninindigan niya ang 100 day leave. so sa july 8 niyo na siya makikita ulit. sige na. natamaan na ako sa post na ito. kakampi na ako sa iyo na kaya mo ang 100 day blog leave.

  8. cars said

    Dianne, huh? hmmmm.

  9. o bakit na naman..

  10. there’s nothing here.

  11. i don’t know!!!!

  12. blog ang tawag dito.

  13. kristine has her own blog…

  14. as if naman you do not know ME? haha.

  15. ewan ko sa’yo…

  16. oops.. not dianne.

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