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The Odds and Ends of Being A High School Student.

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Abril 23, 2007

What an immature beginning! — Playing with other kids, obeying our parents, being afraid of truancy in school, crying for simple matters, loving cartoons, sleeping awfully early at night, studying with the help of our parents… innocent minds and dependence.

Time flies by so swiftly that noticing the immediate transition seems to be impossible. No longer a child (who obviously loves tantrums), we face life at a broader yet sensible perception. Likewise, we see things the way we want them to be without do msy grips from the elders. Thus, freedom slowly reigns.

The very first step we made inside the four corners of high school is like our first step in entering the so-called “teenage life”. It appears to us as a subtle stage molding us to maturity, something which opens our minds, eyes and hearts to see more of life.

We set our feet beyond the boundary drawn to us by our parents. We are conscious enough to determine what’s good for our own sake. We realize the difference between human nature and immorality. Also, what’s right and what’s wrong become distinct in our sight.

Our teenage life turns out to be our mentor. Evidently,  we learn an awful
lot of stuffs as we walk on the respective paths we are taking. We learn how to deal with either love or hatred. That’s the crossroads we jab towards anybody. In one way or another, we engage ourselves with liking someone of the opposite sex.

Despite our young age, who would’ve thought that teens nowadays involve themselves to relationships (as early as twelve)? On the other hand, hatred still exists in many of us. Who among you have experienced being dumped by someone who used to be your best friend transcending you on being his mortal enemy? And who among you have tasted the bitterness of one’s dagger-like words that make you feel uncomfortable, thinking that you despise the fact that someone’s mad at you?

You see, affection and anger are the opposite poles of magnetic reality we are in. If only the earth could open up to swallow the remaining filthy people who are still pacing around our community!

We learn to befriend one another as much as we abhor everyone else. We take side on our friends’ argument and let fairness linger. Who can forget the ups and downs of high school life? I suppose no one will dare!

What a mature beginning — for the graduates who will struggle for their next level of schooling. College. No longer a kid, not yet a total grown-up yet someone who can face the world and can survive the thing called life.


4 Tugon to “The Odds and Ends of Being A High School Student.”

  1. TEA said

    Very well written.

    To us, who belongs to “the graduates who will struggle for their next level of schooling. College. No longer a kid, not yet a total grown-up yet someone who can face the world and can survive the thing called life” bracket, loads of luck.

  2. paurong said

    Loads of luck talaga ang kailangan para ma-overcome ang lahat ng darating. Freshmen of our generation, rock on!

  3. now named... triplepoints said

    It was indeed these times when the challenges and responsibilities of college living entices our souls thirsty of open-ness and freedom.

    Like you, I did.

    But after a year, I realized, the challenge is not the freedom, the friendships lost, or the failures…

    …it is the challenge of preserving the “child” in such an academically driven, cold-blooded buildings of the new cosmos. To be a child is to know how to fear too much freedom, how to frown for friendships lost, and how to accept failure with a smile.

  4. paurong said

    very well said. ganun nga talaga. the child who accepts failure and welcome tomorrow with a smile. nice.

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