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The envelope.

Posted by Paurong sa Miyerkules, Mayo 23, 2007

A bulgy pocket of golden paper with a sealable flap was delivered to our house early this morning by a mailman. The sender’s address reads:

29 Rancho Circle Lake Forest, CA 92630

The hell, what? What is supposed to come from that far? At first I thought it came from my aunt on California but then that is not their address.

Baffled, I carefully removed the tape on the flap to open it. Inside were eight CD’s that came from a group called Firefighters for Christ.

Isn’t it amazing how God works on me nowadays? Too wonderful, I’m telling you. Words aren’t enough to express the flow of joy in my heart.


6 Tugon to “The envelope.”

  1. marj said


  2. toniwoni said

    yes, at first magtataka ka…
    tapos, bigla mong maiisip na siyema…
    it’s divine…
    nice anecdote?
    i really don’t know how to put it?

    tanong lang …
    si jonell pa ba ito?

  3. emong said

    ahm… galing nmn nun,.. wahaha…

    God rocks!!! wooo.. nabasa mo na ba ung mga facts na kinuwento ko sau?

    ano ung group n un? wat r dey?

    ahm.. galing tlg ni God..

    bakit nmn cla nagpdala nun… ndi mo sakin kinuwento toh ah nung huli taung ngkita.

    kainiz ka… ahm, wala lang…

  4. hinga said

    talaga? galing naman.

    Ang layo ng inabot.

  5. emong said

    smiley lang.. katuwa tlaga… 🙂

  6. SexyMom said

    and you got them for free?

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