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Of lemons and oranges.

Posted by Paurong sa Huwebes, Hulyo 19, 2007

I realized that I should no longer go to school by past 6 in the morning, otherwise, it would be hard for me to ride a jeepney, and if so, I would be late for school. I got my first half-absence in my Physical Education 1 class because of my tardiness.

After considering some stuffs inside the classroom, the class fell in lines on the corridor for a game. I was explaining something to Gelo when my professor pointed at me and shouted “Huwag kang maingay.” Every eye focused on me as he finally stabbed me with his very offensive punch line: “Magaling ka siguro sa chess… Chess-moso.Since I have known my professor to be a very flamboyant man, I hardly believed that he can say such petty act. The laughs of my blockmates lingered on my mind until the game was finished. We were dismissed 30 minutes before the end of the class.

Jaegar, Angelo and I dressed up in the fourth floor CR of the Technology Building. We immediately went to the Library to review for our Midterm Exam in Introduction to Problem Solving with Programming. As we round a table, a few of our classmates grouped with us to prepare for the much-anticipated exam as well.

I can’t say that the Midterm Exam was difficult nor easy. All I can say is that I am not sure if I am going to pass the test. I hope all of us would.

Jaegar, Gelo, Milcah and I, after that grueling exam, decided not to talk the exam over. We made our way on going to University of the East to eat lunch but there were too many people there. The foods there are cheap, mind you. We thought of eating at Jollibee, but after seeing the scores of people on the two nearby fastfood chains, we were very disappointed. We had our lunch at the foodcourt of Ever.

New Tambayan.

As usual, the only place we can stay at during our vacant period is the Library. Since we’re already fed up of sitting among the other library commoners, we entered the book sections without me surrendering my library card. What I deposited was my school ID only. A large post was in front saying that No ID and Library Card, No Entry. Milcah asked me to suggest a novel that she can read. I grabbed a copy of The Choice by Og Mandino from a shelf and the four of us sat down and read stuffs we wanted to read. I opted to read the newspaper. The librarian approached us and asked who among us is Milcah. She was demeaned, so to speak. I was too afraid of the librarian that I inaudibly left the book sections, got my ID (without the library card, remember?), and waited for the three of them to go out alike. The librarian chided Milcah of entering the book section without surrendering her library card.

To burn the remaining hour of vacancy, the four of us went to the English Resource Center for the first time. That facility provides self-access to materials and equipment aimed at developing overall English proficiency. The four of us with Andrea and Mitch played hilarious rounds.

The portfolios in Values Education were given back to us. Our discussion surged within the different aspect of human values.

Love is the key – O&L.

Gelo and I went to SM Megamall after our classes. We scurriedly went to Odyssey to buy a Moonlane Gardens CD of Orange and Lemons. It was so nice to have a free poster along buying that album.

We looked for jackets on Penshoppe and planned about buying the jacket we wanted the both of us to have each. The Mac PC on the store pricked my naiveness; we took pictures and I saved it on my friendster account.

It’s been so mundane for us to go to Powerbooks (or any other bookstores, for that matter) every time we go to a mall. He is not a bookworm like me (well, am I?) but he is interested on books, especially concerning ancient history.

He suddenly opened my mind on the idea of learning how to ice skate as we were watching over the Ice Skating Rink. We are going to ice skate after buying the jacket we are planning to buy next month, until we reach saving the money we need for yet another mall adventure.


18 Tugon to “Of lemons and oranges.”

  1. marj said

    sana ung cd na lng ni sam ung binili mo… =)

  2. stick said


  3. paurong said

    as if naman may kwenta yun.

  4. paurong said

    huh? ano po yun?

  5. dianne said

    uhm. what can i say? hmmm.

  6. paurong said

    ang hirap mo naman kausap.

  7. marj said

    OO NMAN…
    why are you keep on changing the title?
    i love chess..

  8. dianne said

    hala. bakit ako mahirap kausap? tsk.

  9. paurong said

    bakit parang hindi ka nag-oonline sa yahoo messenger? may problema ba?
    at ano namang meron sa title. kailangan yun. naaalala mo ba yung title talaga nito. siguro naman alam mo kasi palagi kang bumibisita dito.

  10. paurong said

    tanungin mo ang buwan.

  11. marj said

    oo..invi ako plagi..hehe =)
    chess? asa..

    tinataguan mo talaga ako. ayaw mo na sa’kin. 😦

  13. marj said

    are we free or are we bound by our society?
    can we make decisions on our own or we follow a certain destiny?

    sinagot ko na.

  15. dave said

    chess-moso daw, haha! what a pun, tinaasan mo na lang sana ng kilay. i remember experiencing something similar back in grade school. pinapatahimik ko na nga yung katabi, nadamay pa tuloy sa sita nung teacher tapos pinatayo kami sa upuan. bata pa kasi ako noon, di pa marunong makipagsagutan sa matatanda kaya hayun martir.

  16. DAVE — hindi ko pa rin makalimutan. hindi pa rin ako makapaniwala. grade school naman yung sa’yo e. yung akin mas nakakahiya kasi may mga isip ang mga kaklase ko.

  17. emong said

    ahm…. kamusta nmn un.. Mr. Chess-moso. Grabe nmn yang iyong guro.. napaka**** ng kanyang mga salitang binibigkas…
    bayaan mo na un..

  18. 2:40 PM EARLMOND RAMOS SABLAON — ayos lang yun. hindi naman ako marunong magalit e.

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