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Of the last Midterm exams.

Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Hulyo 20, 2007

Sleep-deprived, I began my day by coercing myself to study for my Midterm exam on College Algebra and Information Communications Technology Fundamentals. Instead of opening my notes and reading a number of handouts, I went to the Computer Laboratory to surf until the clock in the system tray of the desktop told me that it was already eight o’clock in the morning.

9:00 am. The Algebra midterm exam sticked my ass on my chair for two long hours. I was totally upset, as I was shivering due to coldness inside the classroom, after solving those peculiar problems. When was the last time I loved Math? O, c’mon!

11:00 am. Jaegar, Gelo, Milcah and I went near University of the East to eat a cheaper lunch. Afterwards, we stayed at the Library to study for the next exam which was for ICT Fund. The four of us was not in the right mood to review. We were agape because of the previous exam we went through.

1:00 pm. The Midterm exam for ICT Fund was easy—if and only if one studied hard. On my part, I was so disappointed of having only a total of 157/175. It’s not that bad since our highest is 167. But then, come to think of it, I’m lost again.

3:00 pm. Our faculty was not around. Maybe that’s the reason why Mr. Lambert S. Cargullo, our Art Appreciation and Values Education faculty, was the one who instructed us. He handed out piles of paper that we are supposed to answer. After quite sometime, I was the one who finished answering the exercises, so to call it. Faster than a stray bullet, I went out of the classroom and breathed out an ‘at last, it’s all over by this time’.

4:00 pm. I unexpectedly met Madeleine on the jeep I was in. It’s been a little like two weeks or so since we had the chance to be together. She is a close friend of mine since high school. On our trip, I told her the latest updates about my life including the hold upping that happened last Wednesday.

5:00 pm. I went to FPCP for the Youth Fellowship. I thought that because I was early, I would be able to see Kristine there. But then, even her shadow was not existent. I wish she can return our notebook and my Silent Sanctuary CD which I totally missed recently. I miss her, too, by the way. Anyway, I just stayed on the church to join the now big family on singing praise and worship songs. I feel so lost now. I hope. I just hope I’ll be fine soon.


11 Tugon to “Of the last Midterm exams.”

  1. isagani x, m.a. said

    Tinuturo pa rin ba ang values sa college?

    Goodluck sa college life mo, jonnell (sp?)

  2. CHICO
    well, sa case ko, sa curriculum ng skul na pinapasukan ko, e kailangan ang values education.
    jonell lang. common mistake naman e. that’s why i hate my name.

  3. ugh school. *_*

    ganyan talaga.

  5. Gelo said

    Tara moa na lang tau

    alam ko sasabihin m nnmn B.I. ako

    boring kc ang school

    wala taung magagawa

    pero intprog talaga ang ayaw ko…

    moa ka na naman. boring talaga kaya nga wag na tayong pumasok sa nstp e.
    intprog? peborit ko yun e.

  7. Para akong kumakain ng noodles kapag binabasa ko ang mga posts mo lately. Smooth na smooth…:)

    Binabasa mo pala ngayon ang To Kill…Gusto kong part dyan yung nasa dilim ang mga bida tulad ng sa Hobbit.

  8. tim ang said

    nagkakamali ka kung “na-mi-misspell” ang pangalan mo. kaya may e sa jonelle kasi estillore ang apelyido mo.

  9. Pinoy Writer
    noodles? ah smooth. maraming salamat.

    wala naman kasi talagang e sa dulo ang jonell.

  10. dave said

    intprog? programming ito di ba? para ma-enhance ang programming skills mo, kailangan mo ang math.

  11. 12:33 a
    DAVE — programming nga. i love/hate math.

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