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Posted by Paurong sa Sabado, Agosto 18, 2007

Family MattersMusic: None [ 4:00 pm, my room ]

It is a general rule on our house that when classes are suspended, one should stay at home, study his lesson and do household chores. Nothing else. Period. End of story. I have been locked up in my room since Wednesday, and two more days to go before I can define the word “freedom” again.

Being the youngest of two children, I have the least priority, so to speak. My older brother, Ivan, who is one year my senior, albeit his age doesn’t have the highest priority, however. Neither of us receives the kind of love we yearned since we were kids. Our parents’ principal priority is themselves, let alone their jobs.

I have no right to blame them. They feed me, they clothe me, they send me to a private school, they buy me things I want, and most of all, they made me.

They are our parents, we cannot do anything about that, my brother always tells me. I always agree with him. They are my parents. But then, what I only want is a kind of love only parents can give. I know that someday, my brother will stumble across my writings and he will know exactly what I feel inside. Well, I do not fear that day. The only thing I dread is my loss of means of expression.

Let this be the outlet of my life. Let my tears run dry. Let my words be heard.

19 Tugon to “They.”

  1. stick said

    .atleast you got your real (and i mean real) parents. I got none and it sucks living with somebody whom you cannot blame for not giving you love which parents can only give.

    You have none? That sounds pathetic to me. And emo.

  2. khonz said

    hello! grounded? gusto ko rin sna maranasan ung mgrounded. my mga parents talagang gnun…isa ka sa meron 🙂

    i am not grounded. but i feel i am.

  3. tim ang said

    bagong blog. good luck.

    thank you very much.

  4. Joanne said

    salamat sa pagdaan sa patapon kong blog. 🙂

    you’re welcome.

  5. Joanne said

    hah. salamat sa pagdaan ulet. pinuno mo ng comment blog ko. hehe

    you’re welcome.

  6. Ms. Red said

    Hi Jervin, welcome sa WP. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Your parents loves u, maybe they can not show it the way u want, but their way. Maybe u need to stop for a while and feel it. Baka andyan lang sa harap mo ang hinahanap mong pagmamahal nila. 😀

    They love me? Oh, that’s pathetic.

  7. chrisdocot said

    i dont know you basically but as far as i can grasp your ideas and what not, i can draw out a fine conclusion of you being a total emo-guy, nah, dont get offended, or dont let this message ruin your day. that’s just my insight lang naman. haha

    Emo? As in emo? Let me zip my mouth and let me wither.

  8. bonniefazzyoo said

    nays bagong blog. 😉

    Thank you.

  9. chengwei said

    you write very well. pleased to meet you and thanks for reading!

    Thanks with the nice word.

  10. kurokuroko said

    hello. welcome to wordpress. (naks kala mo taga-wordpress ako eh.)

    mahal ka ng magulang mo kaya sila ganun. they only want what’s best for you.

    How I wish that’s true.

  11. chengwei said

    btw i am from singapore.

    Wow. Singapore.

  12. chengwei said

    im turning 19 by the end of this month. how about you?

    I am 16.

  13. aba. a very good FIRST post.. welcome to YP!

    Ei, thanks for that.

  14. MeaD said

    Hey man, kinda know where your coming from i just find the attention from other sources. good luck and god bless.

    Oh, that’s wonderful. Merci.

  15. chengwei said

    thanks! and welcome to wordpress!

    then again, you’re welcome.

  16. kengkay said

    jervin — hang in there. maraming aampon sa yo sa blogospere lalo pa at ang galing mong mag’s good to write down what you feel. babalik-balikan ko ang blog mo, pramis. i-link na rin kita.

    That’s so marvelous! Thanks for the compliment.

  17. A nicely written post, Jervin. It’s good for a start.

    It’s sad to hear how strict your parents are. I mean, I understand your situation. Been there, but now they’re not that dictator-like. Anyway… I think what they’re doing is for your own sake.

    Nice blog. Looking forward on the next posts. 🙂

    It’s good to hear that. Thanks, anyway. I really hope it’s for my own sake.

  18. drmoogerbil said

    your stuff is pretty good, yea I am kinda poetic, but I think of it as an art, even tho there are tons of gramatical errors because i can’t type for nothin, lol…but im jus a lonely messed up kid from the United States that once had everything a 16 year old boy could only dreamed of having, only to lose it all within the past few weeks….

    Poetry being an outlet of our expression. Wow.

  19. drmoogerbil said

    well…im 16, my name is John (thats all anyone needs to know)…and in the US, a tiny little speck on the map called Murphy…

    Nice meeting you, John.

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