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Oxygen jam.

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Agosto 19, 2007

Music: Drops of Jupiter – Tanya Chua [ 10:48 am, my room ]

It has been a while since the last time I played a delightful computer game. The hell I play computer games.

When my brother had his first notebook computer in 2004, I grabbed every chance to set foot in his room for always. After what seemed like forever, I discovered his password. I learned how to play Age of Empires without asking his very permission to use his computer. I knew then that he will not even let me touch his beloved possession, what more coercing him to let me learn a game. Had he discovered my reticent secret, our father would have chided me in gazillions.

Leastwise, I never envied Ivan’s having a computer. Anyway, it is a birthday gift from our parents. What matters to me is that I enjoyed the little moments I had with that laptop.

Last year, my brother unexpectedly won a brand new laptop from a television program just by answering a very simple question through SMS. He doused himself on his newest beloved possession as I content myself on the old one. His kind heart made me grateful to him for months.

Despite the fact that I have a computer, I never knew how to play Counter Strike, Ragnarok, Warcraft, DoTA, RAN, Gunbound and the like. I usually use my computer on doing homeworks, surfing the net, not on playing online games. But then, for some reasons, I became so ardent on learning one. Here comes O2Jam on this paragraph. I never thought of playing an interpersonal game that has the magic power to boost my senses and the utter allowance to forget my problems just for a while.

ScreenshotLast night, when I was so ecstatic on reaching Level 6, thunder of knocks on the door to my room made me jump off my seat. I hurriedly closed the application, closed my laptop, and learned that my mother was the one knocking.

Why not sleep?” I was most likely bashed with her words as she returned to her room leaving the door ajar. As far as I know, the shorter her statement is, the more she abhors what I am doing, the more she hates me.

I just want to have some fun on this, Mom, I was about to riposte. But my inner scruples advised me not to.

12 Tugon to “Oxygen jam.”

  1. phonologist said

    i’m not really into online gaming. i remember the only game that i played when i was a kid was starcraft. and some red alert. but the irony is that i became so much addicted to pokemon OMFG.

    geez, ur brother is uber lucky. when will that luck drop on me too? i super want need one.

    on a side note though, cool we’re both beginning our WP escapades!

    Luck is just everywhere. Yeah, that’s quite cool.

  2. phonologist said

    er, yes. i am sort of obliged by this move to WP to blog all the time. gone were my blogspot days when i upload just once a week XD.

    and yes, hope to read more entries here.

    Blogspot is no longer on my vocabulary.

  3. nika said

    Hahaha. Your post reminds me of Niko. :)) I can relate too. Age of Empires is the first computer game I ever played. haha. And lately, I (and my family haha) have been really addicted to The Sims 2. Sometimes, I have to wake up at 2AM just to have the computer all to myself. Haha. I know my mom hates me bcause of that, she’s addicted too. LOL.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by. 🙂 Nika is the name. ^^ *shakes hand* :p

    I really want to play The Sims but if I do it’s a sure thing that my life will be ruined.

  4. gee… i used to play ps1 up until the rooster wakes up… oh well, i’d rather play DoTA than anything else. ^^ (im also trying to finish ffxii but to no avail, my schedule seems to be eating a lot of time so… i choose… no to play. ^^) cheers!

    Wow. PS1. But then I never dreamt of having one.

  5. chrisdocot said

    it’s good to know that you also like playing online computer games because i have been a victim of the virus all my hs years. anyway, just wanna ask if you’re joanne’s blockmate

    No, I am not.

  6. chrisdocot said

    then how were you able to get her account? haha. did she befriend you or something? it really intrigues me man

    i don’t actually remember. but i think i hopped across her blog.

  7. Until I’m done with playing Ragnarok Online for only a week, I never get to participate in such kind of hobby. With my other boredom killers like wasting my time listening to music, on the boob tube, graphic designing, writing and sketching, I want play those but I just don’t have any time for it.

    For once, it will apparently destroy our future. That’s my mindset about it. But then don’t get me wrong. I just want to think of doing other stuffs. Productive ones like sleeping.

  8. sooperunnamed said

    Hmm if you know Plato, he would say about the Golden Mean.
    Just like in the Parthenon, it should also apply to our daily lives. xD

    My nose is then again bleeding. I don’t know what you mean.

  9. james said

    try DotA, it’s a game of wits, reflexes and strategy.

    mas enjoy compared sa O2 Jam.

    well, it’s an opinion.

    what do you mean pareho tayong walang tulog?

    hehe. peace.

    DoTA is so addicting, as far as I discovered. Sleep-deprived. Eyebags, I mean.

  10. james metal-mouth said

    i mean, how did you know that i was having trouble sleeping?

    Guess psychicality?

  11. james metal-mouth said

    ok.. hehe..

  12. james metal-mouth said

    ngek, kay gusot.wordpress pala tong blog na to. kala ko kay jervin. hehe. now i get it.

    Jonell: Jonell here.

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