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Posted by Paurong sa Martes, Agosto 21, 2007

College Diaries[ 11:15 am, Computer Laboratory ]

The long vacation is already over but sagacity compels me to be anxious of this school day. I was late on my first class because of not following the rule I had for myself, for my own good. I went online before going to school that’s why I met with Mr. Heavy Traffic along the way.

Of course, I was not feeling any good on attending my classes, especially the first one. After clinching the six-day oh-that’s-so-wonderful vacation due to Egay, there I was again, around my block mates who don’t want me to be there. I am, however, not speaking in a general sense, for I still do not know if all of them feel or think the same thing.

I do not want to sound ridiculous. Although, I am, by the way.

How obvious it was that some of them are trying to act normally when I am around, when the mere fact is that assemblages of detestation are behind their minds. At the very moment I entered the room, I guess everyone was looking at me with their eyebrows up and their blood temperature rose to the nth degree. Naturally, I am uncertain about it but my suspicions may be right. I have known my block mates for almost three months already.

One may be right, one may be wrong. But then again, I am making it a dreadful point to be still, as composed as possible. I remained as quiet as how I have been. Quiet people are cavernous, aren’t they? The ones bearing the emo-ness, in a manner of speaking. And so, time flew with my thoughts swerving along.

My mind wandered. I wasn’t able to concentrate on my Algebra class. I tried my very best to be strong. And I was successful. Was I? Barely I am going to eat lunch alone. How pathetic of me.

12 Tugon to “Ridiculous.”

  1. sooperunnamed said


    One of the few things you’ll learn in the school of life. xD

    I see. I see.

  2. kengkay said

    ang sa akin lang, it is good that you know who you are. then you wont get lost.

    That’s a very important matter on developing one’s self.

  3. jay said

    hey there jervin..

    Miss you!

  4. chrisdocot said

    your page title capsulizes everything dude. good thing your owning that up! hehe. there’s nothing bad whatsoever being emo. just the repercussions of being one, i guess.

    The effects, yeah. I’m not that suicidal, though.

  5. stick said

    .your so like someone i know. it creeps me to death…

    That could really be creepy.

  6. stick said

    ikaw ba si jonell.

    ikaw ba?

    ikaw nga yata.


    Methinks not. I am Jervin. You can ask anyone about me.

  7. Joanne said

    i was thinking of the same thing too! di ka ba talaga si Jonell? 😀 parang pareho kasi eh.

    Who the hell?

  8. tinsters said

    jervin almost sounds like jervis yung character sa favourite cartoon ko nung bata ako anyways have read your writings and you always want to eat alone…hehe wala lang mas malungkot kasi kapag mag isa ka lang kumakain. hehe……

    Haha. You made me laugh. My eating-alone habit. Haha. The loneliness, the lethargy, the stupor. How stupid of me.

  9. tinsters said

    hey did you really laugh?!? glad i did kasi habang binabasa ko yung writings mo ini-imagine ko how bad are you feeling habang sinusulat mo sya hehe….so parang malungkot ka talaga and i symphatize seriously!hehe….

    Thank you so much for the sympathy. I really need that.

  10. tinsters said

    dont mention it glad you appreciate it!

    You’re so mysterious.

  11. tinsters said

    mysterious? in what way?hehe…. you are the mysterious one!

    I just don’t know how you stumbled upon my blog.

  12. tinsters said

    ah yun ba. yeaterday i was so bored i have visited all the sites i frequently visits, so i decided to do some browsing here in wordpress then i saw your hamlet, got interested, i read all your writings then the rest is history hehe…..

    Thanks for that. Still thinking whether to continue writing here.

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