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Posted by Paurong sa Huwebes, Agosto 23, 2007

The question. 10:10 am, B27 Computer Laboratory B ]

Are you a loner? If anyone would ask me that question, I surely would not be reluctant on answering a short nod. My eyes would then be sharply fixed on the inquirer.

I stand blameless for my situation. I can’t finish reading the novel I borrowed from the school library, I eat alone during lunch breaks, I don’t know where to go during my vacant periods, I deprive myself from sleeping, I rarely talk to people, I forgot how to smile, I no longer recite actively in my classes. Simply put, I have a big burden loaded on my vertebra. But I am still breathing.

Mattering matters. [ 2:33 pm, B33 Computer Laboratory B ]College DiariesCollege Diaries

Our final examination is getting nearer and nearer as the days go by, and so, I am now totally determined to strike the iron whilst it’s hot. I realized that because of my emo-ness (guess this word has been so overused ever since), my focus on my studies are misled. Plus the sleep-deprivation habit I indulge into lets me forget the sense of sleeping. Broken things should be fixed, eh?


9 Tugon to “Hamlet.”

  1. tinsters said

    i am a loner too hehe…pero i dont eat alone id rather not eat than feel the emptiness and all hehe…just try to find where you belong, how? di ko rin alam hehe ang alam ko one way or another makikita mo yun and everything will be alright, will be ok! cheer up!…..

    I love this emptiness, though. Hmm.. That’s in all irony sometimes. I also hope that something will soon come. Thanks for the word.

  2. tinsters said

    it’s kinda weird that you like it at the same time, anyhow since you like it too then why feel bad?.

    The same way. Oh, the same way. Reminds me of a movie.

  3. Joanne said

    I was just wondering kung saan ka nag-aaral because your final exam is way too early. Hah. I guess trimestral kayo. or quarterm?


  4. Joanne said

    I just noticed that every time I visit your page, the title always changes. wala lang.. never mind. you really remind me of someone so EMO.

    A meal tastes better if you eat it with someone/a group.

    A suggestion from a sometimes-a-loner-and-sometimes-not creature: If you don’t know where to go during your vacant periods, go to the library and sleep. I frequently do that during my suuper-long 4-hour break. 😀

    Only we are not allowed to sleep on the library. That’s why.

  5. tinsters said

    one more thing gusto mo ba yung play na hamlet?kaya yan yung title mo wala lang hehe…

    It has something to do with my post. Yeah, I like that play.

  6. Arnel said

    well, kind of. i am contented with the company of my friends i have now, yet i still want to be alone at times.

    when i am left alone though, i exhibit the other side of me. the silent, killer/murderer type of me.

    Friends. Others are friends. Others.. Hmmm.

  7. Exene said

    I’m pretty much a loner too. Good luck in your exams.

    Emo. Emo. A few emos.

  8. pam said

    mG-aRaL k Nga!

    mTuLoG k nAnG mAaGA…

    mLaPeT n pLa fInaLs mOh eH…

    mG-aRaL k…

    hULi n tOh…

    Kelan ba naman kasi ako natulog?

  9. deeeeeep.

    i hate Shakespeare.

    Ako din naman e. Pero love ko din gawa niya kasi nag-Hamlet at nag-Romeo na nga ako.

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