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FEU to PUP to RHS.

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Setyembre 10, 2007

Date: Monday, September 10, 2007

Background Music: January Days by Chicosci, A Promise (Quiet) by Chicosci, Chicosci Vampire Social Club (The Graduation) by Chicosci, Sweet Maria by Chicosci, The Devil Made Me Do It by Chicosci, Knives by Chicosci, Manila Teenage Death Squad by Chicosci, You’re Killing Me by Chicosci, Last Look by Chicosci, Matinee by Chicosci

Last One – I wasn’t able to review that much for my last final exam (ICT Fundamentals) but I was the first one to finish the test. I exited the classroom with shouts of joy in my heart. I heard voices in my head saying “Good job, first trimester is done!”

PUP Trek and Arvin’s How-to-Disappear Magic Trick – Just before the clock struck nine in the morning, I met with Earlmond at the Jollibee near his school. I was then eating my usual breakfast which is the oh-so-tasty pancakes. I ate one and gave the other one to him.

That was my first time to enter PUP. I was surprised to know that I, being a mere visitor on that place, don’t need to surrender my ID to the security guards for some SOP’s to be observed. It was already fifteen minutes after 9 when we arrived on the meeting area Arvin set yesterday. He was, apparently and expectedly, not there. And so, instead of waiting for what would seem to be forever, Earlmond and I roamed around the school. Along the tour, we saw two of our former schoolmates and/or classmates, Abbie and Gladys.

After the head-spinning walk, we returned to the meeting place and there Arvin was. By the way, Arvin and Earlmond is taking up Industrial Psychology and Business Management respectively. Earlmond handed to Arvin and me the equipments we had borrowed yesterday: the videocam, the card reader, the memory card, and the charger. Arvin showed Earlmond some of his magic tricks.Later on, Arvin was with his how-d’you-call-that fraternity friends. Sooner, he was gone.

RHS Trek – And so, Earlmond and I went away and decided to go to Rizal High School, our alma mater.

It was a wonderful experience to go back to my high school, my beloved high school. After eating lunch at the school canteen near the Science Building, we invaded the faculty rooms to talk to our former teachers.

It was so nice hearing them calling me in my name after a long period of time. I mingled with almost all of the noteworthy teachers I had way back on high school.

Memories filled my afternoon as much as how more memories rolled up to one covered my very soul while watching the high school videos I have. High school will never be like now, for it is the most wonderful part of my teenage years.

Trackback: “Wala kang bilib sa sarili mo, Jonell, sa pagsusulat.” I heard this line from two different persons today: Mrs. Veronica Padua (Journalism teacher) and Mrs. Lorna Rodriguez (Journalism and English teacher).


8 Tugon to “FEU to PUP to RHS.”

  1. Sam Ting Wong said

    saya naman nun. 🙂

    Paurong: Saya? Nakakainis nga e.

  2. Mithi said

    There’s something different about PUP. In a good way.

    Paurong: That something seems to be blatant on me. Hahaha.

  3. Sam Ting Wong said

    Mrs na si Ma’am Padua?

    Paurong: As far as I know. Diba she used to be Ms. Mendoza?

  4. zsasha said

    how can i relate to you…?
    and you went to PUP pala…
    sana pinuntahan mo naman ako…
    ingats sa mga BI….

    Paurong: BI? As in Bad Influence? Straight to the point naman kasi…

  5. marj said


    Paurong: Anong klaseng comment naman yun.

  6. marj said

    kalokohan ba to?

    Paurong says: Grabe ka magsalita ha. Pano naman to naging kalokohan. Aber?

  7. abbie said

    void main()

    bisitahin mu nman kmi sa pup.

    Paurong says: Hindi naman magra-run yan e. Invalid. Error. At binisita naman ni ako si ikaw sa pup nung araw na yun diba.

  8. EMONG said

    sayang … di nga natin nasulit un eh… dapat nga madami pa…. ahm.. ung files ng videos nung high skul, nasau p db??? hay.. naalala koung pagkakapanood nung kay sir paj.. ingungudngod si brian… haha..

    basta.. asan ung si francis ang bahala?

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