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The superhero.

Posted by Paurong sa Linggo, Setyembre 16, 2007

It was really difficult for me to look at him inside that casket. One good thing is that it was closed. His face is damaged by what happened last week. It has been a very gruesome week since the accident happened. Medical treatments were not sufficient to revive him. I believe the doctors-in-charge did their very best for him but then…

I am the one to blame. I should be the one who is inside that long oblong container. Because of him, I am still alive right now. He risked his life to save me. If not because of me, his family’s and his dreams won’t be ruined. It was as if in a snap of a finger, everything is gone.

He always tells me that he wants to be a writer. He wants to write novels as much as he likes reading various books by some-famous-some-not authors. He always tells me his ideas. His mind is apparently filled with different interesting concepts that he dreams to use on his future stories. Only he is no longer here beside me to tell tales and to crack corny jokes. Only he is gone and his stories will remain unfinished.

Memories kept on flashing like fast-moving cannonballs as I stood from where I was sitting. I approached his coffin and suddenly, without my consent, school of tears run down from my eyes.

He is the most influential person in my life. He was there whenever I was down. He was there whenever I needed him. And he never failed me.

I cannot bring him back. But he will still be here with me. Here in my heart.

Writing by Jonell Estillore
September 16, 2007 ~ Pasig City, Philippines


8 Tugon to “The superhero.”

  1. zsasha said

    btet gnun jonell…?
    auq nah…

    Paurong says: Ano’ng problema?

  2. Joanne said

    huh? sino siya?

    Paurong says: Sinong siya?

  3. andrea said

    oist gusot!

    tinatamad ako bumasa ng article mo./

    comment ko huh?

    well, ndi ko kilala c superhero mo.

    gawan mo ko ng article ung maganda!


    Paurong says: Ano’ng article? Diyaryo na ba ako ngayon? Hihihi!

  4. Black Wolf said

    HAHAHA. Tawanan mo pare ang iyong problema.

    Paurong says: Salamat.

  5. soulwhohatesherownworld037 said

    namatayan ka ba, for real?
    condolence na lang…

    Paurong says: No. This is only a writing.

  6. undextrois said

    too bad,lol 🙂

    Paurong says: Huh? 😦

  7. haha. bat ba alam ko kung totoo ang kwento at hindi. teka, tawagan muna kita…

    ayun.. sumagot ka.

    Paurong says: Ayun nga. Nagkamali ka dun sa The Lost Bike. Haha!

  8. Reymos said

    This is an inspiring essay and at young age, you could really express your thoughts. Good luck and keep up your writing skills.

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    Salamat, Kuya

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