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Strands of white hair.

Posted by Paurong sa Biyernes, Oktubre 26, 2007

A long sleep is all I needed for the past few weeks. I have been too sleep-deprived, not because of grueling night review sessions with books but because of nonsensical stuffs I usually do in the internet. An addiction, so to speak.

It was a dream-come-true to me this morning to wake up with an enthusiastic spirit to go to school. An early bird catches the worm as the saying goes. Same goes with the importance of time that I am now learning to manage by means of planning and setting up short-term and long-term goals.

At 8:00 am, I was at the library to study. I love to go there whenever I have a vacant time. It has been my best friend since my first day on school. It’s just that I vehemently detest wasting time during gaps before classes by not doing something productive. With the tons of books lined up there, I have no excuse not to pick one and read. I borrowed out a book about the C language later on.

9:00 am – Accounting class. In all honesty, I don’t know the name of my ACCOUNT professor. All that is instilled in my mind is her resemblance to my Fourth Year high school adviser/teacher, Mrs. Jagmis. We entered transactions on general journal pages.

I was so bored that time that I needed to look for something to do. I was looking at the outside of the front door when I saw someone I know. It was Dylan, a blockmate during my first trimester. I went outside to go to the restroom and there I saw him. Outside, he asked me to do a problem in programming. I went back to my classroom and there I skimmed the paper he gave me and realized that I do not know what to do with the problems.

11:00 am. End of my Accounting class. End of Dylan’s English Communication 2 class as well. We ardently decided to eat lunch together with my ignorance of my eleven-o’clock class. At first I was reluctant, but later on, I just assured myself that I will still attend it after eating.

It has seemed to be a long time, albeit it is not, since the two of us were together. Too bad we are not classmates anymore for he is an irregular student. After eating, I left Dylan smoking and told him that I might not be able to answer his assignment. He told me to see him at the computer laboratories before his Advance Programming class by 1:00 pm. I complacently took the elevator on going to the fourth floor for my own Advanced Programming class.

I was not even trembling upon entering the classroom. My professor did not notice my entry while she was writing program examples on the whiteboard. I caught the voice of Marielle Ayel (she wanted to be called that way) saying “O, nandito na pala si Jonell.” I copied the scribbles on the board and when Ma’am Eya was already explaining the examples, my mind’s thinking was on Dylan’s assignment.

After the discussion, Ma’am Eya gave out an exercise problem that I answered within just a few minutes. But then, she told me that it was her first time to encounter the way I wrote the program. She wanted to see the book I borrowed from the library. I told her that it is too elementary. She agreed after skimming on its contents. She said that she will first test my program to check it.

After the roll call for attendance, and some more talks with Ma’am Eya about the idea of Dylan’s assignment, I assumed that the class is dismissed. I went to the fifth floor to find out if I05 is still having its class. Most of the I05 students now came from I02, which is my block during the first term. I was expecting to see my I05 friends there. Since they were not there, I thought of going to the computer labs to look for Dylan. At the foot of the flight of stairs, Ma’am Eya and I bumped with each other and, out-of-nowhere, we talked of programming again. She reminds me of Mrs. Celeridad, my Advanced Biology teacher in my second year in high school.

1:00 pm. Dylan and Leo, one of his classmates, talked to me about the programming stuffs they were letting me answer. Dylan handed out another piece of paper that appeared to me to be his project.

As their class was beginning at a Lab, I was at the Comp Lab B thinking of how to create his project program that involves ATM transactions. I did around 90% of the program. I wasn’t able to complete the program because of the time. I did not notice the time while I was typing codes for the program.

2:30 pm. We had our surprise exam on PE2, Table Tennis. Midterm Exam. I got 97. I scurried on going out of the campus to finish my itinerary for the day.

I went to Fix at Ever Recto to get my hair colored. I realized that the number of strands of white hair on my head is already so much. I stayed for one and a half hour there.

I arrived at FPCP for the fellowship at 6:30 pm. Everyone was noticing my hair. There is even this girl, named Claude, who kept on ruining the style of my hair. For a change. No more obvious strands of white hair. I’m no nerd.


11 Tugon to “Strands of white hair.”

  1. Joanne said

    ay grabe. nagpakulay ka ng buhok?!?! hahaha.

    nakakatawa naman, hanggang d’yan sinusundan ka pa rin ng Ma’am Jagmis. Kaugali ba n’ya?

  2. Joanne said

    sorry po sa typo. “ng” should be “ni”

  3. ghreizze said

    nadagdagan ba yung strands of white hair mo?
    kaw kasi, mxado kang haggard

  4. ♥ayel♥ said

    wow special mention pangalan ko.. marielle nga lang.. hahah.. palitan palitan..

  5. emong said

    ahm… well, mali ka.. its claude.. not claire.. huhu… hehe…. si claire eh ung fourth year sa rhs.

  6. emong said

    Yeah.. actually, its coll.. no more nerd jonell.. kung nerd talaga..haha… ok nman xa eh.. ang ganda nga eh.. uu.. totoo.
    nice look.. emo ka na nga daw sabi ni claude.. sabi ni frau, mas ok ka na daw, mas nagmukha ka ng malinis kaysa dati.. kc nmn, magpaayos ka naman nuun..Ngaun ka lang ata nagpasalon ah.. hehe../ cge.

  7. dave said

    ah, nice to know this blog’s back to regular programming. pun intended.

  8. ghreizze said

    ang dapat gawin…
    MAGTINA KA!!!!!!
    try mo…. epektib yun….

  9. I’d rather say that those things you do in the internet are just a result of your passion – I am inclined to believe that they are NOT ‘nonsensical stuff’. Addiction? well… maybe yes. That is when your passion takes control of you. Welcome to the club. I remember when I was a young student in Los Baños: favorite ko ring tambayang mag-isa ang library (wala pang internet nuon, hindi pa nga kilala ang computer) pero puro tungkol sa kung anu-anong ‘walang kapararakang’ topics ang pinagbababasa ko na wala namang kaugnayan sa subjects o course ko. Kaya ayun… inabot ako ng siyam-siyam (and I mean it literally – 9 years) bago maka-graduate! No regrets. 19-kopong-kopong pa naman yun at to be honest with you: wala naman ako ngayong pakinabang sa kursong tinapos ko. (he he he)
    Now back to you: I’m happy for you for waking up so early “with an enthusiastic spirit to go to school” and for “learning to manage time by means of planning and setting up short-term and long-term goals”. ‘Practically’ speaking that is your proper place. I myself, even found that thing – keeping my balance – not so easy to do. Konting tiis pa, ‘tol, saka ka na lang bumawi-bawi pag graduate mo. Sa nakikita ko, malayo ang maaaring marating mo. At pa-minsan-minsan (minsan lang naman) magpakababaw ka nang konti… kasi pag masyado kang malalim, hindi lang puputi ang buhok mo, malamang makalbo ka rin. Me mga barkada nga ako noon, hindi lang ang labas ng ulo ang apektado – pati laman ng utak, parang na-blangko. At alam mo bang ang higit na nakasusuya sa lahat eh, maski marami ang ‘nakikinig’ sa’yo, napakaliit na porsyento lang nito ang tutuong nakakakuha ng katas ng mensaheng nais na iparating mo? Nakakainis! But that itself is a challenge. Ikasa mo lang, kid!
    Tama rin yang ginawa mo. Bumawi-bawi ka ng tulog. Kung nagkakape ka, itigil mo na, lalo ka lang hindi makakatulog. Gatas na lang siguro kaya lang huwag mo ring sosobrahan baka hindi ka naman magising (joke lang).
    Pasensya ka na sa mahabang comment ko, lalo tuloy humaba itong ii-scroll down mo. I, too, really wanted to chat with you (kanina ko lang napansin yung invitation mo – ikaw nga ba yun, bakit iba ang pangalan mo dun?) kaya lang, ayaw ko nang masyadong magbababad sa computer e – baka lalong lumabo ang mata ko, at baka magka-almoranas pa ako. Sa e-mails at at blogs na lang muna… 😉

  10. gAiL said

    kaya pala new look ka eh…. hang ganda ng hair mo…

  11. Kiel Mikko said

    Nagpa kulay ka? Let me see your hair nga tom.. ikicriticize ko lang… hehehe….

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