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ang pangarap ni isagani

Posted by Paurong sa Lunes, Nobyembre 13, 2006

Elementary school

As I enter the school, everything flashed back like abrupt lightning. The memories of my teachers and classmates lanced my cerebellum. Every corner of the school is still familiar to me. I crossed my finger on seeing my favorite teachers but I failed to see even a single soul. I can’t believe I was inside the campus. The same people, the same atmosphere, the same calmness.

You could think I was there for just a mere crap. Sad to say, you’re erroneous. I was there for a business: to send an invitation from my school concerning to a Math competition. As I was looking around, I had a vision of me running to and fro, amidst the laughters of my fellow students. It took me some time to realize that I am no longer a kid; I am a fifteen-year old purported cynic guy who sees life at different angles. I have not met with the school principal, so I just lent the letter to someone I supposed I know. Still too early, I summoned a tricycle to school.

Flag-raising ceremony

I hate flag-raising ceremonies. I detest seeing my schoolmates being burnt by the early sun, standing with their backpacks on their shoulders, crying nationalistic songs and out-of-the-heart oaths. Each first day of the week begins with this peril. It never came up to my mind that I would be part of that yet another ceremony to attend to. I was expecting something–I was expecting to hear the journalists’ prestigious names be uttered by our principal. I was right. I was not included because I didn’t join the recently concluded Division Press Conference. Opportunity lost, so to speak.

The director

Save for our first class, we didn’t have any formal classes today. The pilot sections 1, 2 and 3 decided to have a powerhouse for the play “Helen of Troy”. Excuses were made for us to be able to have this day to rehearse, to make the props, and to sew some of the costumes. At first, I doing nothing at all since I am not included on the cast neither I am adept to draw nor to sew.

I took charge on being the director despite of a trauma.

Last year, instead of mythology as the theme, we had “Bohemian Rhapsody” as a dancedrama. At the time being, I took charge as the director and because of that I was abhorred by the leader (she is a girl) insulting me with the turned-to-be-cliche line “I like what you’re saying but I like it that way”.

Now, I took change with a consideration that nothing will happen or improve if I am not going to move to fix the play. I came to their rescue for the play’s sake. Later on, my tempered went up because of my actors who were so insensitive. If I am the director, one should follow me. I turned out on uttering the line “ang pangarap ni isagani” pointing out that just like how isagani dreamt on the novel El Filibusterismo, they might as well dream for the play’s perfection. One might think I am a paranoid.

But then that’s just how it goes! If I am the director, I should be the only one to be followed. I have all the rights and I have all the time to consume. How vain, eh?

I love directing, and for the sake of sharing, I would like you, dear readers, to know that being a director of a play is included on my dream-to-be-fulfilled list.


11 Tugon to “ang pangarap ni isagani”

  1. Sefree said

    ano ang iyong sasabihin ‘pag sinabi ko sa’yong ayaw na kitang makita–
    pipilitin mo ba akong umusad
    o sasabog kang parang nitrogliserina?

  2. denib josette said

    ha? pare! bat hindi ka sumali!! naiiyak tuloy ako.. di na matutuloy ung pangarap ko na makakita ng isang blogger sa totoong buhay.. 😛
    promote mo rin ung blog naming dalawa ni CJ 😛
    help the DJ-CJ tandem! hehe.. rock on!

  3. jo said

    sobrang saya maging director kung tutuusin… lalo na kapag successful yung play pagkatapos… ang sarap ng feeling… at tama lang yun, kung ikaw ang director, ikaw talaga ang dapat masunod!

  4. bulitas said

    “if i am the director, i should be the one to be followed.”

    dude, you can never be a director in real life if this will be your attitude.

    you have to remember that a director is a leader and a follower at the same time. u have to be sensitive to your co-workers’/constituents’ needs (physiological,psychological and physical) and establish a harmoniuous working relationship with them.

    a good director is not just someone who gives out directions. people under you were not robots to follow your orders all the time. a good director knows how to handle various situations given the circumstances. =)

    anyways, yes. i’ve seen RENt. it was soooo cool. it was one of my favorite musicals.

    chillax ayt?


  5. tina said

    grabe! hihi

    anyway… for one.. you direct your own life… and you get to act as the lead role.

    Hehe… pero yeah.. I also wanted to be a director… but then mas gusto ko maging producer haha.. kasi un ung nauuna na name sa movies eh! hhahaa

  6. lightning revenant said

    hello…thanx for droppin at my site….ur a good writer….smart indeed…..x/c links???….id be glad to have u…..

  7. sasha said

    Sefree, hindi ka na bata, promise! Mag-uusap tayo this weekend ok? I’m demanding! Kailangan kong mahalukay ang iyong kaisipan, kapatid! Iba ka! Kailangan kang ibote at pag-aralan. Magaling ka! Ikaw ay ako sa panaginip ko… Hahahah

    Joke lang! Pero serious ako sa usap :))

  8. CLARA said

    ang astig nng site mo! LUPIT!

  9. Captain Lea from Mars said

    I have been the director during our play when I was in Grade 7 and I think my classmates hated me for being strict…


    I have to?

    So, if you really need to do things that they might despise, let them be! They’ll thank you afterwards.

    Anyway, I could absolutely relate with your ‘introduction.’ Many have been misinterpreting my ‘criticisms’ into panlalait. GAAAH. The blogging world is harsh and yet I have stayed strong from my 2 years of blogging.

    (That accound that I signed on in is not my active blog)

  10. *redg* said

    Ako kahit hindi director mismo. Kahit scriptwriter lang. Okay na. Basta gusto ko ako yung isa sa mga taong nagpaganda ng play. :>

    Dinula din namin dati yung isang kabanata ng El Fili nung grade seven kami. [Kab13: Ang Klase Sa Pisika.] Ayun. Ang saya! First place kame. Hee.

  11. chrizzy said

    ui jonell nakakainis ka aman bkit ganun naman ung pic ni remle sa blog moh ang panget!!!

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